“Othello” and “O” Comparative Sample Essay

We live in a universe entangled with prevarications. green-eyed monster.

force and calamity. We are an covetous society that ne’er has adequate. and we’re willing to rupture down others to acquire what we want. or to destroy their felicity. Two texts that portray these values of society include “Othello” . a drama written by William Shakespeare and “O” . a movie directed by Tim Blake Nelson. Today I will be contrasting these two texts and in more depth contrasting two parallel characters.

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Othello and Odin. The different linguistic communication and medium of production of the two texts reflect the clip in which they were written. Othello was composed in the Elizabethan epoch. displayed by the posh English literature written in the signifier of a drama. It was aimed at all categories of society.

from the monarchy right down to the peasantry. However. O was created in a clip no different from today. shown by its modern linguistic communication. subjects and its medium of production.

movie. “O” is aimed at a much younger. simpler.

Westernised audience portrayed by the curse and blame music.“Othello” is a powerful calamity based on the subjects of love. jealously. trust and treachery and is rather merely the footing of “O” . Nelson has borrowed the plot line. secret plan and even the characters from the great play. However. he has appropriated Othello into a post-modern construction.

superposing it into a modern-day clip and scene. Nelson presents his ain subjects and values to his audience without bewraying Shakespeare’s original narrative of diaster and desperation. New values Nelson gives “Othello” in “O” are force.

adolescent relationships. drugs and Sport. “O” will possibly present a new audience to William Shakespeare and some of his most challenging and tragic characters.

One of those characters is “Othello” . a general of the Venetian armed forces. Othello is a baronial. of import adult male. and a good respected solider.

He is said to be “great of bosom. ” and “honourable and valorous. ” He is loved and looked up to by all. Similarly. O has everything traveling for him. he is the star Basketball participant of his school squad.

he enjoys widespread popularity with all the pupils. has the love of a beautiful miss and a promising hereafter as an elect jock. While Othello and O are both really of import in their ain context. being dark skinned makes them cultural and racial foreigners. The drama Othello seems unrealistic as a black adult male has managed to make the rank of general in the sixteenth century Italian ground forces. Iago.

Roderigo and Brabantio treat him as inferior by doing racist comments. naming him “old black ram” and “barbary Equus caballus. ” In resistance to Othello. O is more realistic as Odin is Afro-american. like many great hoops participants. Besides. black people are by and large more recognized in the twentieth century.

nevertheless. Odin is the lone black individual in the school and he has the same job as Othello. he does non suit in.

Hugo uses the metaphor of a hawk to depict Odin’s topographic point in the school “He zooms above us. he can wing. although hawks are no good around normal birds. they can’t fit in”Nelson addresses racism through Odin’s concluding address in Act 5 Scene 2. Odin says that he was non a raper or a druggie.

or troubled or violent. It is Hugo who is these things. and Odin merely fit the stereotype after Hugo manipulated him. Its non the black cat who fits the black stereotype.

it’s the white cat. Nelson is doing a statement. the black stereotype is non justified.

it wasn’t made by black people. it was created by the racialist attitudes and hatred of white people. In the beginning. both Othello and O are non merely well-respected leaders. but they are kindhearted and fond people.However. it isn’t long before there is a cleft in their personalities.

in Othello this is a consequence of Iago being fallacious to Othello. doing him believe that Desdemona has committed criminal conversation with Cassio. Likewise in O where Hugo makes Odin believe Desi has been with Mike.

Othello shows his first marks of alteration when he hits Desdemona in a covetous fury. Lodovico witnesses this incident and says. “Is this the baronial Moor whom our full Senate call all in all sufficient? Is this the nature whom passion could non agitate? whose solid virtuousness the shooting of accident nor dart of opportunity could neither graze nor pierce” merely like the audience.

Lodovico is shocked that Othello would make such a thing as it is non like him.Equivalent to Othello. Odin starts to be violent as a consequence of green-eyed monster. he attacks Mike at hoops pattern. pushes a little male child at a diping competition and abuses Desi both verbally and physically. In fact. force is a major subject in both Othello and O.

without force. neither text would be a calamity but alternatively narratives of conversation and treatment. Nelson uses the scene of an American high school due to its violent civilization and makes mentions to the Columbine high school slaughter to demo this. The force portrayed in O is more flooring than Othello as the chief characters are still in school instead than grown work forces in an ground forces. Roger high spots this after he shoots Mike “If he wakes up Hes gunna tell on me” reminding us these are simple school childs perpetrating these violent offenses.

In the concluding scene of Othello. Act 5 scene 2. force concludes the drama. Othello suffocates Desdemona with a pillow before seting a blade through his ain thorax. This is really similar to the concluding scene of O. Odin strangles Desi and non long after shoots himself.

Nelson is stating that American youth is speedy to turn to guns and force over fiddling affairs instead than trying to make a more satisfactory decision. A similar statement can be made about Othello. he is speedy to leap to force before truly listening to Desdemona and what she has to state. I believe this is a contemplation of the clip in which Shakespeare was written. a clip when a adult male would swear a adult male before of all time swearing a adult female.By altering the context of Othello into post-modern times and taking it at a younger audience. Tim Blake Nelson is able to do new societal remarks in his movie O.

The younger audience can associate to the high school scene. the curse and the blame music. The subjects values and thoughts basically remain the same. turn outing that over the centuries the human status remains virtually unchanged.

The new societal remark made by Tim Blake Nelson is that American civilization among young persons has reached the phase where guns and racism are uncontrolled and force is the solution to about all of society’s jobs.


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