Over the past year

Over the past year, I signed up to tutor in the Science Center at my high school as a means of earning service hours for the National Honors Society. I dedicated half of my lunch hour to tutor students. After one day of tutoring, I realized that I was actually helping students learn and improve in their classes.
One student specifically stood out to me; Ahmed. Ahmed was a student who came into the science center baffled with his chemistry class. He informed me that he was receiving a C in the class and that he was in desperate need of help. Fortunately, I had done very well in the class the year before.
I was very successful in explaining concepts and showing him how to solve problems step by step by asking him what he thinks should be done. Then I would give him problems to solve on his own to make sure that he understood.
On days where I had not signed up to tutor, I made an exception. If Ahmed had a quiz or test, I would give up my entire lunch hour to help him. Despite these opportunity costs, I was successful in helping Ahmed improve his grade. At the end of the semester, he had achieved an A in the class. An opportunity that I took to earn hours, became an opportunity for me to pass my knowledge down to other students and be a motivator for students to do well in their classes.


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