Overpopulation: Research Paper Essay

Overpopulation: Research PaperIntroductionA. Detecting the state of affairss of several people in poorness. otherwise those devastated by natural catastrophes.

pollution. offenses. etc.

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we have come to reason that the ground for this agony is basically the rapid growing of population. and therefore. with this mentality. we decided to deracinate the cause farther so as to be able to contrast it.

B. The aims of this research are: 1. To do people cognizant of the crisis of overpopulation 2.

To decrease the figure of people each twelvemonth by doing them cognizant of the effectsC. Definitions of footings: 1. overpopulation – status of holding a larger population than normal 2. human resources- people with ability and accomplishment as the wealth of a state 3. accommodate- to supply or provide for person4. contraceptives- drug. medical specialty.

chemical agent or device that prevent impregnation 5. natural catastrophes – happenings in nature that harm poorness and lives 6. pollution – “dirtying” or “killing” nature 7. [ planetary ] economic crisis- a depression ; a province of unemployment and small or no trade and investing over a long period of clip [ in the universe ] 8. poverty- a province of being hapless.

with no money or goods to back up oneself 9. succumb- to give up ; to give in to something far more superior 10. decline- a gradual lessening in strength and power [ of a state ] ; impairment 11. chaos- a province of upset.

confusion disorganisation of something ; one in confusion 12. prosperity- a province of success or thriving ; booming financially and sociallyD. Data-gathering procedures 1. Interviews2. Internet Resources
Presentation of Gathered DataA. Interviews1. Annabelle Tee“For me. overpopulation is non good… because there will be more pollution and this will ensue to more natural catastrophes organizing around the universe.

As you can see right now. there have been many strong and deathly typhoons such as Ondoy come ining the Philippines. Overpopulation. nevertheless. can ensue to some good things. such as our ain state will progress…”


Richmond Tee“Overpopulation is when there are more people than there should be. We must decrease the population of the Philippines ( and the universe ) because we need to besides set a halt to planetary heating. Since many people aren’t even cognizant of this yet.

it is going more lifelessly. You see. there have been many natural catastrophes late. I truly think that overpopulation is bad… Even our household is overpopulated… *laughs*…”
3. Izen Lao“For me. overpopulation will do our state bad because there are a batch of pollution. Mas grabe dad nga SA U.

S. eh… *laughs* So thus… overpopulation is bad. ”4. Jan Adrian Chan“Overpopulation. in my sentiment.

has two sides: the good and the bad. On the good side. with a greater population. we have more people to assist in patterned advance.

More people peers more work force. and manpower means a batch to a state. Even if there aren’t many occupation chances here in the Philippines. workers. or OFWs.

they may travel abroad to work and convey back some money to enrich our economic system. On the other manus nevertheless. excessively many people can do several things such as traffic congestions.

offense. poorness. pollution. etc. ”

5. Ninyo Vasquez“Overpopulation can be good for the economic system and at the same clip bad because there are positive and negative effects. I think that’s it.

B. Internet Resources“In a corner of the Northern graveyard. Venanjo Sison is standing on top of a casket and taking a bath. Like many other of Manila’s occupants. he is forced to populate wherever he can. His place is made of wooden boards and bitpieces of plastic.

The capital of the Philippines is a really overpopulated topographic point. An norm of 41. 282 people live in 1 square kilometre ; in slum countries the rates rise to even 88. 000 people in 1 square kilometre.For Manila. people merely are running out of infinite. Some unrecorded in home-made hovels in graveyards.

railway paths or even under Bridgess. Some even take abode in toxic refuse mopess merely to acquire whatever nutrient they can. A large per centum of the 11 million occupants of Manila don’t even have clean H2O to imbibe. proper occupations and medical specialty or instruction.

With such a big population. our resources can non suit everyone any longer.“Charito Esponilla’s dream is to give her kids an instruction.

That is what her neighbor with merely two kids has done. But the Esponilla household can’t afford to direct their kids to school. As it is. they have a difficult clip doing terminals meet and when the household runs out of money. they are forced to populate on the charity of neighbors.“’Our neighbors are so sweet. ’ explains Charito Esponilla. while she washes children’s apparels in three big pails of wash.

‘Sometimes they give us a small rice. but a batch of the clip they are short on nutrient merely like us. Then we have no other pick but to travel hungry to bed.

On those darks. it’s really difficult to fall asleep. The kids call and wake me up all dark long. But I don’t have anything to give them. What can I make? ’“Even though Charito Esponilla loves her seven kids. she doesn’t want any more.

Like most other Filipinos she doesn’t usage preventives. and ne’er has. She has considered the birth-control pill. but she doesn’t know much about them and is afraid of what they might make to her organic structure. ”Lack of information is one of the chief causes of Philippine overpopulation. Dr.

Emily Bernardo. the leader of a family-planning unit at the public Jose Fabella Hospital in Manila. says. “The poorest societal groups are improbably nescient. They don’t even cognize how a adult female becomes pregnant. Some of them believe they are sterile while they are still breast-feeding their new-borns and others have ne’er even heard of bar or preventives. Others are still terrified of unknown side effects. That’s why adult females maintain holding more kids.

even though they neither want to nor hold the economic agencies to supply for them. ”The Catholic Church. nevertheless. is against Dr. Emily Bernardo and the centre for household planning. They are against abortion. sterilisation and all other signifiers of contraceptive method.

and even sexual instruction. Womans are encouraged alternatively to think their egg rhythm to forestall gestation. Bing a really spiritual state. the Philippines and its authorities policies are still influenced to a great extent by the Church. A batch of governmental candidacy on bar of gestation and sexual instruction ne’er pushed through due to this influence.Interpretation of DatasBased on the conducted interviews and the procedure of surfing the Internet for the information we gathered in this research. we have come to see many points of position refering the national —or instead worldwide— issue that continues to be an increasing job in society.

Overpopulation. as we now see it. has conflicting good and bad effects to the community. On the one manus.

holding a batch of people means more human resources. which would be really utile for farther growing of national wealth. But on the other manus. the strain on economic system and natural resources will be excessively much for the Philippines—and finally the whole Earth—to grip. and the universe may be left in poorness and pandemonium. and worlds will be left to the clemency of what our one time more peaceable universe would go.We do non merely detect this. though.

We can besides see that both sides are merely possibilities. intending they may potentially non go on at all. It all depends on what we. as the people. make about our state of affairs.

Even if we have manpower to back up the state. the state could still fall into depression if this work force is non used expeditiously. If most Filipinos in their on the job age.

if non all. do non hold occupations and sit lazily in the streets. decidedly the economic system would fall. If we take full advantage of the fact that we have a batch of human resources. we may merely thrive. Even if we suffer from a planetary economic crisis.

we could either yield to the continual diminution. or we could seek to antagonize the job. After our enterprises.

merely clip can state what would go on after. How we handle our jobs could intend all the difference between prosperity and pandemonium.Penetrations Based on Gathered DataLarge Ideas:? All things. no affair how good or bad they may look. hold both positive and negative sides to them. ? It’s non so much as what jobs we face as how we face them.
Sources/BibliographyInterviews:Annabelle Tee and Richmond Tee: parentsIzen Lao: close friendJan Adrian Chan: schoolmate and insightful equalNinyo Vasquez: friend from Mindanao


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