Packer Telecom Essay

This instance talked about hazard direction. As a telecom company with high-speed development. Packer Telecom decided to utilize hazard direction to protect and advance itself. It wanted to non merely enlarge market portion but besides reduced budget at the same clip. The undertaking director developed a hazard direction templet based on the hazard direction plans other companies used in the yesteryear. He tried to carry the patron that the templet would work good at Packer Telecom. but the patron had non wholly agreed about this. For me. the telecom industry was in a province of convulsion and rapid progress.

On this juncture. seeking to alter by utilizing hazard direction would be a great manner for Packer to take the lead. Risk direction would be a good portion to better efficiency and cut down cost. They could acquire better control over the hereafter. if they did put on the line direction right. The undertaking director did non make it right. To place. buttocks. response. and command the hazards. the hazard direction program should alter with the state of affairs of company and clip. I extremely doubt that if there are best patterns or templet for the hazard direction. To do a good hazard direction. cognizing what the company will confront is the first thing to make.

The undertaking director built the templet merely because other companies were utilizing or used it. He gave so much acceptance to his work that he did non considered about the existent state of affairs of his company. After all. even though his templet would work. utilizing it for all the undertakings at one time was still non a good thought. It might or might non repair all the undertakings. and they should non set all their eggs in one basket. I thought the patron knew hazard direction and undertaking direction better than the director. He asked some serious inquiries and did non hold with the director from get downing to stop.

I hoped he could do the right determination and found a better undertaking director subsequently. What they should make now is doing a hazard direction group. might be a new section. They could number on one undertaking director to make all the hazard direction work. That templet might assist them to complete the occupation. it should be changed based on each undertaking or instance. The hazard direction should be used at the new undertakings at first. It would assist to cut down some high hazard undertakings or instances. At the same clip. the employees in the Packer should be trained to understand the hazard direction. This is the right manner to do it go a company civilization.


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