Paper, glue, lace, ribbon … simple greeting cards Essay

Next time you’re at the fabric store, treat yourself or yourchildren to bits of ribbon, lace, and other trimmings. Combined withpaper and glue, they’re all you need to make simple, strikinggreeting cards or package tags for the holiday season. A plain card front serves well as a back-ground for the trimmings.Or you can glue a rectangle of colored paper to the larger rectangle ofthe card front before the trimmings are added. Weave ribbons with otherribbons or with lace, if you like, but use restraint in planning yourdesigns.

Too many trimmings too elaborately entwined look confusing. To make the cards, buy heavy plain paper or blank cards of yourchoice, colored paper (if desired), and a glue stick. Also purchase abag of remnant trimmings at a fabric store, or indulge yourself withsmall quantities of more expensive ribbons and lace. You’ll alsoneed scissors, a ruler, a pencil or pen, and a piece of newspaper. Fold the piece of heavy paper in half and cut to the size desiredfor your cards. Plan the design for the card front; sketch your designonto it, using the ruler as a guide if necessary. Then cut coloredpaper and trimmings to the correct sizes.

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Place your cut trimmings wrong side up on the piece of newspaper,rub the glue stick over them, and glue them onto the from of the card.


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