Paper on Cerebral Palsy Sample Essay

What is Cerebral Palsy? Harmonizing to Perlstein it is a “term used to denominate any palsy. failing. in coordination. or functional aberrance of the motor system ensuing from encephalon pathology. ” ( McDonald 7 ) . Most instances of Cerebral Palsy are diagnosed before age three. the Oklahoman it is diagnosed the better the opportunity the kid has of populating a normal life. This status normally occurs during birth or babyhood and is more frequent in developing states. The exact cause can non ever be determined but harmonizing to Yahoo wellness premature babies have a higher opportunity of developing Cerebral Palsy because of hypoxia or low O degrees in the encephalon. It can besides be caused by intellectual hurts due to illness. or a head hurt that caused haematoma or blood vas harm in the encephalon.

There are many intervention options available to handle persons who suffer from Cerebral Palsy. Since no two kids are affected in precisely the same manner single intervention options may change. Some intervention options include physical therapy to assist develop motor accomplishments. occupational therapy to better position and motion. and a address diagnostician will assist develop speech accomplishments. Other intervention options include surgery. medicine. centripetal integrating therapy. or the usage of adaptative equipment. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //content. wellness. msn. com ) In order for any intervention plan to be successful the parents must be involved. they must work with their kid at place and be committed to bettering their child’s quality of life. The earlier a kid is placed in a intervention plan the better the opportunities they have of populating a close to normal life. The Oklahoman the musculuss are trained the easier it is to rectify defective wonts and hapless musculus control. That is non to state though that one time a kid hits a certain age therapy will be uneffective ; good consequences can still be produced. More clip and attempt will merely be needed.

The essay “The Letter A” by Christy Brown discuses one female parents continuity in covering with her boy who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. When others told her that he was a lost cause and that she should non blow her clip in covering with him. she ne’er lost religion and did non halt seeking to make her boy. She would pass hours each twenty-four hours seeking to acquire him to reiterate words and clasp himself up. she would continually hold no success. but she ne’er stopped seeking. Until one twenty-four hours with the aid of his female parent Christy drew the missive Angstrom with his left pes. “I had done it! It had started – the thing that was to give my head its opportunity of showing itself. ” ( Brown 98 )

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Christy grew up in Ireland where the happening of Cerebral paralysis is higher than in the United States or other industrialised states. The incidence of Cerebral Palsy in the United States is merely two to four out of every one 1000 born. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //health. yokel. com ) If Christy had been born in an industrialised state such as the United States he likely would hold been diagnosed at an earlier age and instantly placed in a intervention plan. alternatively of holding physicians state his female parent that he was mentally retarded and a lost cause. Even though he turned out all right that is non so for most kids with Cerebral Palsy who do non have intervention. If his female parent was non so determined he would hold most likely turned out to be a vegetable. Unfortunately non all female parents have the finding that Christy’s female parent had!

Many people have ne’er known person who has suffered from Cerebral Palsy. but I do. my female parents friends son Sam. Sam was a premature babe who suffered from hypoxia which caused him to develop Cerebral Palsy. He was diagnosed when he was nine months old after his female parent had noticed similar symptoms that Christy’s female parent had noticed ; “my caput had a wont of falling backward whenever she tried to feed me. She attempted to rectify this by puting her manus on the dorsum of my cervix to maintain it steady. But when she took it away back it would drop once more. Then she became cognizant of other defects as I got older. She saw that my custodies were clenched about all of the clip and were inclined to enlace behind my back” ( Brown 94 ) . In Sam’s instance though every bit shortly as his female parent noticed these symptoms she took him to the physician. they diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy and he began intervention. Christy was non as fortunate. his female parent brought him to the physician but he was ne’er diagnosed. he was merely labeled retarded and his female parent was told that there was no hope for him. This is the antonym of what physicians told Sam’s female parent in the United States.

It is a shame that merely because person lives in an developing state they have to endure. I feel that any individual in any state should be able to acquire the best medical attention available. This is particularly true for kids because it is non their mistake that they were born with or have developed a disablement in an developing state where they can non acquire proper medical attending.

It is unfortunate that many states do non hold the proper medical supplies and developing available to all of its citizens. It is non uncommon that person life in an developing state will be misdiagnosed because the physicians have non received the right preparation nor do they hold the proper supplies to transport out the necessary processs.


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