Parang High School Sample Essay

Parang High School edifice started merely as an extension named. Marikina High School Annex.

By the twelvemonth 1993. Mrs. Lagrimas B. Garcia. the school principal. made excess attempt on accomplishing full independency of the Marikina High School Annex to give birth to the school. Parang High School ( PHS ) .

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PHS had been through a batch of alterations since the School Year 1996-1997. Hon. Congressman Romeo DC Candazo.

Hon. Bayani BH Fernando and Dr. Perla B.

Menguito made a large impact on the transmutation of the school’s image and into a conductive acquisition environment by hiking up the figure of module members.To hold a beautiful hereafter means to give and put their ain money and clip to direct the kids in their household to school. Harmonizing to Theodore Roosevelt. “Education is the key to success.

” In the present times. instruction in the Philippines is really of import. Education is the major footing of employment of the Filipino young person. To graduate with a college grade is to hold a good occupation and even better their self-pride. These yearss.

there have been a batch of concerns of the selected graduating high school pupils whether to prosecute college or non. sing their concerns in their lives.The research workers tend to seek solutions for the graduating pupils of Parang High School to be more interested and go on their instruction until the third degree. The researches want the readers to see the importance of go oning their instruction until they have a certain grade.Statement of the ProblemThis survey identifies the involvement of the selected High School pupils of Parang High School in prosecuting third instruction.

Specifically. it sought replies to the undermentioned inquiries: 1. What is the involvement degree of the pupil?

What are the factors that may impact the involvement of the selected high school pupils in prosecuting third instruction? 3. How does their school help the pupils in their college picks? 4. What are the most preferable college courses the pupils want to take up?Theoretical and Conceptual ModelThe survey is anchored on the theory of Randall Chapman that focuses on the behavioural theory on how pupils select a college.

In his theory. there is a impression that college choice may be perceived as a procedure comprised of interconnected phases. Because of that perceptual experience.

Chapman made a theoretical account depicting the phases through which pupils progress the way toward the appendage of the said procedure. The phases are named as follows: Pre-Search Behavior. Search Behavior. Application Decision.

Choice Decision and Matriculation Decision. The phases are divided into 2 chief constituents: “search” and “choice” constituents. Search is defined as happening out information depicting colleges. Information like cost.

academic quality. future calling chances and chances upon graduation. quality of student’s life while in college and other considerations. The hunt ends when the pupil has decided to use to a set of colleges. On the other manus.

Choice is defined as the determination of the pupil to which college/university. which have admitted the pupil. will he/she enter. These two constituents are really interconnected with each other as the procedure returns.

Normally. pupils ground out that they need to prosecute college because their parents said so that causes them to recognize the desirableness to prosecute to college degree. This is called the Pre-Search Behavior. Students may hold the trouble to believe about it and may take up to many old ages before the determination becomes concluding. During the decision making.

forecasters like socioeconomic position. gender. parental instruction and income. etc. might be used by the pupil.

If the pupil has decided to prosecute college degree. he/she starts angling out information from knowing people such as high school instructors. counsel counsellors. household and relations or the pupil may bespeak some other descriptive information from booklets. unasked direct mail. existent visits to colleges. and the similar. This type of student’s behavior is called the Search Behaviour.

Due to some properties such as academic dimension. future calling chances and chances and quality of life. the pupil forms a perceptual experience about what life would be like at specific colleges. At some point.

the seeking terminals and the pupil chooses among a set of colleges to where he/she will use. We now proceed to the following phase called the Application Decision. The pupil applies to different colleges that he/she thinks would be suited for him/her.

There are cases that from a figure of college picks. it will contract down to a few due to farther determination of taking the right “one” . Some pupils normally got carried off by legion good facets about specific colleges that made so bury about one of import facet which is fiscal assistance. Hence. pupils may get in expensive colleges. But others prefer to moo but perceived high-probability-of-admission college ( frequently local public establishment ) for in instance to at least one positive admittance determination ( Chapman.

1984 ) . Then. while the admittance procedure is traveling on. the pupil may set up outlooks of being admitted but he/she can non be certain of the admittance. In the Choice Decision stage.

the pupil is presumed to possess comparatively complete information on all relevant college properties. since the pupil is informed about the handiness of fiscal assistance sums and mix ( Chapman. 1984 ) .

The stage ends with the concluding choice of a specific college to go to. Yet. some pupils end this phase by make up one’s minding either to postpone admittance at a ulterior clip likely because they were non qualified to their first pick or some fiscal considerations or alterations in the personal life of a pupil. And the last phase is Matriculation Decision but this will non be explained farther since the survey focuses more on the students’ attitude towards college.

Conceptual ModelFrom the research gathered from similar surveies. the conceptual model is formulated. This is shown in Figure 1.
Significance of the StudyThis survey is good to the followers:The Students. The survey shows the job that pupils are non ready to do determinations on college.

The survey provides the student’s consciousness and consciousness on go oning to the third degree or non. The Parents. Traditionally. parents are involved in the determination devising of the pupils since they are the 1s supplying the tuition fee and other assorted fees of the pupil prosecuting college. The survey benefits the parents in such a manner that they are guided on their child’s ain picks.

The Guidance Counselors. The survey benefits the counsel counsellors because the survey can be used as a stuff to give more information that can assist the pupils in holding wider options in their college penchants and assist the pupils in happening the suited class for them. The School Administration. The survey can inform the disposal about keeping wider and more specific plans that cater the high school student’s involvements about college.

Scope and Boundary lineThis survey is limited to 4th twelvemonth high school pupils. module and the disposal of Parang High School of Marikina during the school twelvemonth 2011-2012. This survey is chiefly concerned with the different factors that might impact the involvement of the pupils in the said school.
Definition of FootingsThe undermentioned footings are defined operationally.

Administration- This refers to an establishment of people who manage.

Capacity- This refers to the ability to bring forth. execute or distribute.

Faculty- This refers to a division of learning or cognition in an educational constitution. It is besides a division accountable to instructand Teach in an constitution.Interest- This refers to a feeling that attracts a particular notice to a peculiar pupil.Peer Pressure- This refers to themanipulation exerted by a group of friends in carrying a individual to alter his or her personality. behavior or personal position in order to accommodate to group norms.Chapter IIREVIEW OF RELATED LITERATUREChapter II trades with the reappraisal of the local and foreign literature and surveies relevant to this proposed survey. Related LiteratureThis subdivision of the research presents a reappraisal of related literature and surveies in line with the involvement of the graduating high school pupils in prosecuting college. Significant to the present survey are on-line groundss and interviews to concretize this research.

ForeignHarmonizing to Chenoweth and Galliher. parents who have received a sheepskin in college are able to pull off and to model the determinations of their kid to prosecute college. Furthermore. for parents who are good educated. instruction for them has a great impact on their lives and keeps the belief that their kid is required to travel to college under any fortunes.
Peer force per unit area besides produces emphasis for pupils who seem to be forced to make something or to be influenced which normally are negative Acts of the Apostless.

Harmonizing to Braverman. a parent must cognize how to budget the money. He or she must prioritise the demands more than the wants. If a parent saves money for her child’s college instruction in the hereafter she will most likely to worry less of salvaging in the hereafter. Harmonizing to the research of Chenoweth and Galliher. for males. what matters is the parent’s schooling and colleague’s agreements towards college.

Adolescent work forces populating with a affluent household were holding more inclinations to go to college compared to the other side mentioning to the commonality. hardly program to travel for college.
Normally they ground out that college is non necessary or that they tend to stay in their ain families. To those who are educated with quality are similarly adapted from a developed and comfortable household that affects the happening of connexions and aspirations. In contrary.

to those who adapted from proletariat central offices are similarly to prefer working non analyzing which puts down choice instruction. For females. they rely on the class of analyzing during their high school and on what their associated know for cooking to college.

Adolescent females thought that college is limited and no sufficient cognition which hinders them from come ining since they perceive college as a benefit for deriving money to supply demands and wants and to bask life.A study stated that high school counsellors are unconscious and unprepared for giving advice to pupils about college. They have unequal information on college. This decision. recommends the proliferation of new techniques for distributing information about college possibilities.

specifically funding the opportunity should be the focal point of pedagogues and influential people. ( Chenoweth and Galliher )The changeless factors for finding student’s determinations sing college are the factors connected on their academic development. Concrete steps such as the student’s norm and if he/she is enrolled in a college preparatory course of study in high school are really much involved in the student’s college programs. Furthermore. abstract steps such as the mentality of the pupil sing college. their willingness to travel to college and convenience in the school scene are besides involved in the student’s college programs. Students who are really much interested in prosecuting college seem to visualise and expect it excessively early in their academic businesss.

One cause is that they may be prepared mentally and physically for college by the school’s forces and academic wise mans. Advance academic accomplishes aids both concrete and abstract steps of advancement which gives chances for the future academic chances. ( Chenoweth and Galliher )LocalHarmonizing to Lee-Chua.

the success of pupils is non merely based to the installations and enrichment the school is giving but the school is giving but in the values the child’s parent had taught them. ( 61 ) Though there are intelligence about public schools holding hapless installations and resources many of the student’s households helped their kids to stand out in school through subject. proper end puting. self- trust. strong household bonds and proper place environment. It turned out that if parents give their kid a nice environment for larning.

the pupils excel in school. They become more determined every bit long as they work hard. ( 67 )
In the Inquirer intelligence study. newsmans interviewed adolescents that witnessed their friends who gave into peer force per unit area. Most of them think that equal force per unit area is all about being cool in school and protecting their image of non being portion of the alleged “weird” in school. One said that if her friends dropped their classs because they were influenced by their friends in all their frailties. With negative equal force per unit area. student’s lives may be easy destroyed.

Of class. a student’s attending would ever be on his/her peer’s negative advices which would do their surveies non on their top precedence. The research workers interviewed Maria Theresa G. de Guzman. the counsel caput at Parang High School. Ms. De Guzman stated that the students’ parents are holding some problems sing the disbursals in college. Their chief job is non about the fee itself since there are scholarship grants that are offered but the day-to-day allowance and menu to travel to school.

Some non-government organisations ( NGO ) and some friends of the principal besides take portion as a donee to the pupils.In school. there are extremes. Some can afford college while some can’t even have a nice repast to eat in school.

There are some pupils who have parents working abroad which is the ground why their demands are satisfied.Based from Christine Joy Tan’s thesis. gender can besides greatly affect the determination devising of pupils towards college. One difference is that females make earlier checking and using in colleges than males does. Another. males depend on the classs snd the fundss that concludes to their college pick while females rely on the extreme critical information. Females take more value on secured household life. Last.

females consult from recent pupils in college while males entrust suggestions for counsel counsellors. As a consequence. for female pupils. the faculty members is used as their footing and for male pupils. the cost is their centre.

To offer pupils a harmonious acquisition experience and a footing for college pick. the Batas Pambansa Blg. 232 stated that school decision makers must come on and prolong a sound environment in the school that can assist derive to the school’s repute. The decision makers must hold a cagey attitude towards the pupils. the instructors. the forces. the staff and the parents. Should at that place be any concerns sing the aforesaid people.

a notice must be given by the decision maker. And he/she should allow a systematic and democratic method in developing his instructors and forces.The academic public presentation and character of the pupil besides affect his/her college pick. From what Tan has said. it has been derived that pupils with satisfactory academic public presentation appears to be more interested to prosecute college instruction.

They would prefer to ask at private colleges/universities with quality learning. with high tuition fee. with farther scope from place and with four-year grade plans. Other findings have besides stated that pupils with satisfactory faculty members would see colleges and have an early enquiry to legion coveted colleges/universities. Harmonizing to the counsel caput. the 4th twelvemonth pupils are willing to take up college particularly the honor pupils. They preserve to complete high school with winging colourss and to come in a good college.Every February.

the school holds a calling carnival. It features different colleges and universities. The privation to ask for some professionals as talkers. but they can non afford to because of the payment that is given to them.Related SurveiesFollowing is the reappraisal made on some foreign and local surveies that are related to the survey.
ForeignHarmonizing to the survey of Maguire Associates about the student’s penchants and programs in college.

68 % of the 4th twelvemonth high school pupils answered that their application picks are “somewhat” or “greatly” influenced by economic concerns. Their penchant is non chiefly about economic concerns but they besides look for the value of instruction. academic installations. campus atmosphere. quality of major and pupils.

career-oriented big leagues and future employment chances. fiscal AIDSs of the school. Students are largely interested to travel to a public establishment ( 61 % ) . followed by a private non-religious school ( 17 % ) and in conclusion. private spiritual school ( 11 % ) . ( 2 )
LocalHarmonizing to Tan. at a graduated table of 1 to5 the pupils gave importance to some college factors such as future occupation chances and plans of survey than other factors such as friends and counsel counsellors. The low ranking of the counsel counsellor may differ from the US research since American pupils are normally influenced by the counsellors in seeking the right college or university for them.

The survey besides shows that males consider the fiscal facets such as the tuition most than other standard while adult females consider faculty members most than other standard.
Chapter IIIRESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGYThis chapter explains the method of research used. beginnings of informations. informations assemblage instruments. informations assemblage process and the statistical intervention of informations.

Method of Research UsedThe design employed by the research workers in order to transport out the intent of the survey was the descriptive method. Out of the seven types of the descriptive method. the position surveies was really much evident in the study conducted. This method was used because the study contained inquiries about an individual’s current position peculiarly fiscal position.

emotional position and societal position. Evident in the study are inquiries sing the family’s income. their household background.

and their coveted classs and universities/colleges.
Beginnings of DatasThe respondents of this survey were the selected 4th twelvemonth high school pupils of Parang High School in Marikina City. The study wasconducted during the school twelvemonth 2011-2012. The Cluster sample was used in administering the study. Among the 13 subdivisions in the 4th twelvemonth degree. 10sections were indiscriminately chosen to reply the study. From each subdivision.

the top 10 pupils of each subdivision were chosen to complete the study.

VenueThe venue of this survey is a public school named Parang High School. It is located at TandangSora Street. Barangay Parang.

Marikina City. There are 13 subdivisions in the graduating pupils at PHS. Parang High School was established in the school twelvemonth 1988-1989 as an extension. From so on. the school gave its best to transform the school into a conductive acquisition environment for the pupils.
Data Gathering InstrumentsThe survey used the undermentioned research instruments in garnering the needed information. Questionnaire.

A one-page questionnaire was designed for usage in this survey. The aim of the questionnaire is to cognize some basic information about the student’s current position in life ; their household income. their parents’ business. and their personal determinations in prosecuting college. Documentary Analysis. The research workers used foreign and local literature to back up the survey.

This includes information on different factors impacting the involvement of graduating pupils of Parang High School in prosecuting the third degree. Unstructured Interview. An informal interview was conducted by the research workers with the caput of the Guidance centre of Parang High School. Maria Theresa G. De Guzman. The research workers asked information on the students’ involvement on college.
Data Gathering ProcedureThe research workers made a bill of exchange of the study and this was presented to their linguistic communication and economic sciences instructors. After modifying it.

the concluding study was made. They so sought the permission of the principal of Parang High School to carry on a study. When their petition was granted. the questionnaires were distributed to the pupils. peculiarly to some 4th twelvemonth high school pupils. The research workers selected these pupils for they are the chief subject of the research conducted. Furthermore.

this is the twelvemonth degree that be aftering and make up one’s minding for college is present. One hundred study signifiers were distributed. nevertheless merely 96 were answered. The research workers used the systematic sampling to split the entire figure of the general population to acquire the coveted figure of the sample population. The research workers used this equation wherein K is the trying interval ; N is the population size while the N is the sample size: [ movie ]
Statistical Treatment of DataThe statistical techniques used in handling the informations were the followers:Leaden Mean. The leaden mean was used whenever the composite attitude of a group of respondents toward an issue is sought.

The leaden mean is attained by multiplying the scale value of the responses bespeaking it and so spliting the sum weighted points by the figure of responses.

Percentage. The per centum was used to construe informations from frequence distribution. The per centum is attained by spliting the entire figure of responses from any certain portion of the responses so to be multiplied by 100 to be able to find the portion of it from 100 % .Arithmetical Mean. The arithmetic mean was used in some points in the questionnaire.Chapter IVPRESENTATION. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA
This chapter presents.

analyzes and interprets informations gathered to reply the inquiries of the survey about the factors impacting the involvement degree of 4th twelvemonth high school pupils of Parang High School to prosecute college degree.Graph 1.Interest Level of Selected Fourth Year High School Students to Prosecute CollegeThe graph shows that 96 % of the pupils are really interested to prosecute college. Of class. instruction is one of the of import things in life that we need to be successful.The other 4 % says they are slightly interested and non interested severally for believing that college is nerve-racking and for taking between prosecuting college or career.

Graph 2.Aspects that may impede the Students from Prosecuting College LevelThe saloon graph above shows that 79.

17 % of the pupils say that the top most hinderance of prosecuting college is their families’ fiscal position. Knowing that Parang High School is a public school the household may hold some problem get bying with the tuition fee and other assorted fees that is required for traveling to college.

Graph 3.Preferred Courses of Selected Fourth Year High School StudentsThe research workers have observed that pupils of Parang High School most preferable classs are technology. accounting and instruction.

The research workers have concluded that the students’ top 3 classs are professional and extremely paid occupations. Therefore. pupils chose technology. accounting and instruction for them to hold a good occupation in order to provide for their ain family’s demands and wants.

Graph 3. 1Preferable Institutions of Selected Fourth Year High School StudentsAs what Chapman said. pupils may use to low penchant but perceived high-probability-of-admission college. frequently local public establishment.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a public. non-sectarian. non-profit establishment of higher acquisition. And as shown in the graph. 68. 75 % of the selected pupils prefer that establishment. Another public establishment that is exceeding the students’ penchant is the University of the Philippines with 38.

54 % . The 3rd is University of the East. known for their generousness of offering scholarships depending on the class from the entryway test.

And so on and so forth.

The others are a combination of colleges of least penchant including ICCT.OLFU. PSBA. etc.
Graph 3.

2Frequency Distribution of the Reasons of Students to Prosecute College |REASON |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |Achieve ends |22 |13. 25 % | |Stable occupation |32 |19. 27 % | |Explore more |12 |7. 23 % | |Successful |45 |27.

11 % | |Help household |37 |22. 29 % | |Finish surveies |9 |5. 42 % | |Help other people/country |3 |1.

81 % | |Prevent want |2 |1. 21 % | |Others ( productive. passion. nerve-racking. |4 |2. 41 % | |vocation ) | | | |TOTAL |166 |100 % |
Students say that they want to prosecute college to be successful with a per centum of 27.

11. Education is the key to success. a celebrated quotation mark. is a common belief yet it applies to about everybody particularly to those who finished their surveies. Another ground why pupils want to prosecute college is to assist their parents and their households.

Students believe that if they finish college. they would happen a stable occupation to supply the demands and wants of their household and of themselves. When they have found a occupation for support. there will be a possibility of accomplishing their ends in life.

Some pupils ground out that college would assist them research more about what they can make so they can specialise it and utilize for their hereafter. A few merely idea of college as nerve-racking. One pupil thought he/she can’t make up one’s mind what to take between instruction and career.Chapter VSUMMARY. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION
This chapter presents the drumhead. decision and recommendations of the survey. In order to reply these research inquiries in our study. the systematic method of research was applied.

DrumheadThis chapter summarizes the findings. generated decisions and recommendations based on the analysis of the consequences of the survey on factors that affect the involvement of the selected graduating pupils of Parang High School in prosecuting college. This paper’s purpose is to analyse the consequences and happen a manner to increase their involvement in prosecuting the third instruction.

Specifically. this survey endeavoured the profile of the pupils of Parang High School and relates such observations to the factors impacting their involvement in prosecuting college. The chief beginning of this information is through the questionnaire which consisted of 12 inquiries that are divided into three variables: personal background. household background. and college penchants. Other resources used were: school booklet.

articles. paperss and a personal interview with the counsel caput.This survey endeavoured to reply the followers:1.

What is the involvement degree of the pupil?2. What are the factors that may impact the involvement of the selected high school pupils in prosecuting third instruction? 3. How does their school help the pupils in their college picks? 4.

What are the most preferable college courses the pupils want to take up? = Decision

Based on the findings of the survey. the undermentioned decisions were made. 1. 96 % of the pupils are really interested in prosecuting college. 2. 79. 17 % of the pupils are hindered to go on until the third degree by their fiscal position.

3. 68. 75 % of the pupils are interested to travel to college in Polytechnic University of the Philippines and their preferable classs are technology. 4.

27. 11 % of the pupils want to prosecute college because they want to be successful.RecommendationsThe undermentioned steps are recommended for hiking the involvement of the graduating pupils of Parang High School in prosecuting the third degree. 1. The graduating pupils of Parang High School should hold a calling orientation wherein different universities would hold a representative to hold a talk for the 4th twelvemonth pupils about their university. In that manner.

the graduating pupils would already hold an thought on the university that would suit them. 2. They must be provided a calling brochure.

In this manner. the pupils would be cognizant of the different universities and the classs they offer. 3.

Parang High School’s disposal can set up a new topic in their course of study. which is a counsel topic. In that topic.

the pupils would be asked to take several trials about themselves such as involvement trial. calling trial. aptitude trial and the similar. 4. They should be informed of the scholarships offered by the different universities. In that manner.

they would be more divine to prosecute the third degree and would non be hindered by their fiscal job.
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