Paris 36 Essay

Paris 36 starts with confession by the supporter Pigoil ( Gerard Jugnot ) to a police officer. accused of slaying. It turns to a flashback to the twelvemonth 1936 picturing the unstable territory in a Paris faubourg.

suffered from depression and the lifting pool of nonvoluntary unemployment. Pigoil has lost his life-time occupation in a liquidated musical hall and his married woman runs off with another adult male. More miserably. Pigoil can non maintain the detention of his darling son- JoJo ( Maxence Perrin ) because of his fiscal inability.Fighting to keep on.

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the three of experient stagehands- Pigoil. with Milou ( Clovis Cornillac ) and Jacky ( Kad Merad ) decide to take over the vacant musical hall. named as Faubourg 36. and bring forth some kinds of hit musicals. With the reaching of a immature gifted actress. Douce ( Nora Arnezeder ) . the musical hall is a immense success and Pigoil can portion the felicity with JoJo once more. During the clip.

the hostile landholder Galapiat ( Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu ) . who is fascinated with Douce. ever wants to seize her.When he subsequently discovers that Douce is in love with Milou. he sends the pack to hold Milou killed but they are in a misguided impression and wrongly kill Jacky.

Shortly thenceforth. Milou argue with Galapiat face-to-face and Pigoil eventually shoots Galapiat to salvage Milou. That is the confession and Pigoil is hauled off to 10-year gaol. The movie ends with a depressing scene of Pigoil’s returning to the town after 10 old ages. yet a delicious projection for JoJo’s success as a professional accordionist executing in Faubourg 36.


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