Partition wall serves as headboard, storage space, and screen Essay

Centered between two side walls of this remodeled master bedroom is aroom-dividing partition. On one side it serves as a headboard with a12-inch-deep display shelf. On the other side of the 16-inch-deep by109-inch-wide unit are low storage compartments for linens. Framed with 2-by-4s and covered with gypsum board, the unit createsa hallway to separate the bedroom from a bath. But only its ends reachthe ceiling: the center portion drops 16 inches below the ceiling to letthe hall and bedroom share light. To keep the bedroom side uncluttered, owners Evelyne and DavidLennette of Alameda, California, had a queen-size platform bed framebuilt. Six 13-1/2-inch-high drawers pull out from underneath themattress.

The bed butts against the headboard so pillow tops are levelwith the 36-inch-high shelf. (For easy cleaning, the front face and theshelf are covered with plastic laminate.) Architect Hiro Morimoto of Emeryville, California, designed theremodel.

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