Payroll is one of a series of accounting transactions

Payroll is one of a series of accounting transactions, dealing with the process of paying employees for services rendered, it is electronic software, where all the employee’s information is recorded and captured. Company’s experiences a lot of payroll fraudulent occurring by utilizing this payroll software which affects the company’s capital due to a high increased payroll cost.
Money being a valuable asset to the company, I have chosen to research more on payroll and how can the effective security level be implemented to enhance the security on payroll by the use of biometrics, as I believe in Physical Attributes identification like finger prints, palm prints, and facial.

To solve the security risks, biometrics technology (implemented in the ReCon Biometrics Keyless Identification Security System) uses physical attributes to identify an individual. This solution is ideal because biometrics authentication does not require the user to have any physical access objects present or remember any passwords. With ReCon Biometrics’s advanced facial recognition technology, we can now overcome many problems that other systems have encountered in the past (Rogan, 2002).

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Rather than using personal identification because, as (Rogan, 2002) stated that in personal identification A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is another widely adopted means of authentication, and is a standard example that uses memorized passwords or pass codes. The advantage to this approach is that no physical means are required for authentication. However, this method still suffers from security risks if an unauthorized individual gains access to an authorized user’s PIN. Further complications can arise when authorized users forget or misplace a PIN.


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