PED 101 Ch 2-3

Physical fitness is the ability to
perform moderate to vigorous physical activity without undue fatigue
The principle that only the body systems worked during training will show adaptations is known as
Actions that can be preformed daily by beginning exercisers are
lifestyle physical activites
To progress safely and improve fitness, it is recommended that you
increase overload frequency, intensity, or duration by no more than 10% each time you make changes in your program
The five health-related components of physical fitness are
cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition
A primary purpose of the general cool-down is to slowly return ___ back to resting levels
breathing rate
The times per week that an activity is performed is known as
The principle that states that training levels will decrease towards initial levels when training is stopped is known as
Aerobic exercise, weight lifting, and yoga are all examples of
exercise training
Adaptation is defined as
a change in the body as a result of overload
Which is considered a skill-related component of physical fitness?
The principle of rest and recovery is aimed at preventing
The maintenance of equilibrium is
Exercise is a subset of physical activity that is
done specifically to achieve or maintain fitness
Kristina’s mom wants to begin an exercise program. However, she is overweight and concerned about the impact exercise might have on her knees. To decrease her chance of injury, Kristina might recommend that her mom try
cross training
To counter a lack of motivation, you should choose exercises that is
fun and convenient
The components of the FITT formula are
frequency, intensity, time and type
According to the physical activity pyramid, individuals should work on muscular fitness ___ days per week
2 days per week
Jim and Steve have been working out together for 3 months.

Although they have been doing the same workout, Steve has shown faster improvement. This difference in their responses to exercise illustrates the principle of

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The mode of activity chosen is known as
Which of the following is a purpose of the exercise warm-up?
increase muscle elasticity
The overload principle states that to see improvements in physical fitness, you must
train at a level that is greater than what your body is accustomed to
Your resting heart rate increases as your cardiorespiratory system becomes conditioned T/F
When developing a training program for cardiorespiratory fitness, you intensity of exercise should be determined by
your target heart rate
Cardiac output increases with training T/F
The stable, constant internal environment that our body maintains at rest is known as
A group of obesity-related factors associated with heart disease and type 2 diabetes is known as
metabolic syndrom
A subjecting assessment of exercise intensity is
perceived exertion
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a target heart rate range of ________ of HRmax.
Short-term, high-intensity training, such as sprinting, is known as
anaerobic training
Cardiorespiratory fitness is defined as the
ability of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to muscles
Which of the following may occur as the result of cardiorespiratory training
improved oxygen delivery to muscles
Aerobic exercise training has been shown to
decrease metabolic rate
Training that alternates exercise modes within a given program is
The cellular form of energy is known as
It is easier to maintain cardiorespiratory fitness with shorter but more intense workouts T/F
Cardiorespiratory fitness has a protective effect against age-related declines in cognitive ability T/F
Jim has been jogging for 20 minutes per session and is now ready to increase his program. According to the 10 percent rule, Jim should increase his workout time by no more than
2 min
Circuit training may consist of resistance training, aerobic training, or a combination of both. T/F
Your body’s maximal ability to utilize oxygen during exercise is known as
Training that involves continuous activity sustained for 20 or more minutes is known as
According to the American College of Sports Medicine the recommended frequency for cardiorespiratory exercise is ____ per week
3-5 days per week
The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is called
Training that alternates periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of lower intensity exercise or rest is known as
interval training
With training, resting heart rate decreases.

This is primarily the result of an increase in

stroke volume

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