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MPU 2412


Student Name : Loo Yan
Student ID : 0704/PDHM086/0317
Topic : Community Service Project at Silver
Home for the Aged.

Date of Submission : 7 September 2018


1) Executive summary
Community service is an unpaid, voluntary act performed by a student or
group of students with an approved non?profit agency that benefits someone else, the
local community or the environment.
In other words, service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that
integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the
learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities.
For this community service project, the power of two people is far from
enough, so we invite other group members to work together with us to complete this
meaningful project. Through the group discussion, we had come out the idea of
5W1H, such as who (who is the beneficiary), why (the rationale for selecting the
community service), when (the date and time), where (located at where), what (the
activities we done there) and how (the way we making reservation and how we went
To summarize, we had made the final decision that is doing a community
service project at Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged (HOME). Obviously, HOME is
the beneficiary. The reason why we choose this as our community service project is
that we would like to use our strength to give back to the society. After the
discussion, we decided to went there on 21 August (Tuesday), from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
Meanwhile, the activities that we did at there is cleaning activities, chatting with them,
providing a cake for them and taking the photo with them. Through telephone call
and email, we had reserved with HOME. On that day, we went there by car.
Conclusion, community service not only provides physical and spiritual
rewards but also proves that we are happier. By gaining knowledge and professional
experience, students will be better prepared to solve community and social problems.
Next, volunteer work is not just about its appearance on paper, but about what we can
give and get from this experience. Through volunteering, we have the opportunity to
play a role in the community and benefit those we care about. It also brings people
together, especially with people from different backgrounds, and the common goal
will enable us to work harder than ever. By learning more about ourselves and the
communities around us, we will strengthen our confidence

2) Introduction
a) History background of the selected community service or charity
The House of the Silver Jubilee (HOME) was founded in 1935 to
commemorate King George V Silver Day. The land of Sungai Dua was donated to
HOME by the late Mr. Cheah Leong Keah, J.P. The “Penang and Province Wellesley
Silver Jubilee Fund” was launched to raise funds for the establishment of HOME. The
Straits Settlement Government, Georgetown Municipal Council, and the public jointly
raised about $1 million for HOME. Therefore, in 1936, a Trust Fund was established
in the name of “Penang and Province Wellesley Silver Jubilee Fund”.
The chief minister is the chairman and the other three trustees are fund
managers, known as the fund board. They are assisted by a 12-member General
Management Committee, which is headed by another chair whose function is to
oversee the overall management of the HOME. They are all appointed by the State
Executive Council. Although the trustee is appointed for life, the members of the
General Management Committee are appointed every two years and their services can
be updated as long as the HOME needs it. Currently, there is one Manager, two
Assistant Managers, two Matrons, a Finance Officer and other department staff
responsible for providing HOME’s daily operations.
In addition, other philanthropists, such as the late Honorable Khoo Sian Ewe,
C.B.E., O.B.E., J.P., donated 4 villas to commemorate his beloved wife, the late Mdm.
Lee Sim Neoh and Lim Kongsi (Kew Leong Teong Lim Temple) donated another
four villas. At the time, a visiting doctor, Y. B. Dato’Seri Tan Ewe Aik, started the
clinic with the help of some nurses at Grey Sisters. He is also a member of the
General Management Committee. In 1960, Dr. Datuk Seri suggested that design and
build a 25-bed female ward. Referral to residents of general hospitals requiring further
It now occupies more than 22.5 acres of flat land, has 8 blocks of cluster units,
124 rooms, 5 medical wards, more than 80 beds, a rehabilitation center, a
physiotherapy area, a gorgeous restaurant, and two Muslims. Kitchen and non-
Muslim residents as well as a separate laundry room.

The below is the number of Residents as at march 2017 = 159 person
























Image of Male Residents Group Photo

Image of Female Residents Group Photo

3) Contributions to a needed community service or charity
a) Purpose of the project
Reliance College puts special emphasis on the relational aspect of community
service and therefore asks students to partner with non?profit organizations.
Community service provides students the opportunity to use our talents and skills to
help those in need and to support local non?profit organizations. In addition,
community service is an integral part of students’ learning experiences, contributing
to their intellectual, social and spiritual growth and development as well as providing
a framework for students’ roles as members of local, regional and global communities.
Through this community service project, it also helps to build classroom culture and
community, so that our relationship with each other will become closer and intimately.

b) The rationale for selecting the community service or charitable project
Through the group discussion, we had listed some community service
activities like, environmental service project, volunteer for an animal organization,
helps the local homeless or one that champions international human rights, etc. As a
result, we had chosen the HOME as the beneficiary because it was an organization
showing a need for funds to raise the quality of life of seniors, particularly those who
may have limited mobility, and social interaction due to various constraints. Besides,
we would like to desire the seniors live happy, active and independent lives through
interactive caregiving. We also hope that through this community service project, it
will increase public awareness in order to care more about the seniors. Furthermore,
we wish to spread the positive impact, warmth, compassion for the seniors.

c) Description of the benefits of the project to the community and chapter
members’ understanding of leadership development, social intelligence
and community service.
Volunteering plays a critical role in empowering individuals, in fostering
active citizenship and in building inclusive and resilient communities in which we can
all flourish. We know that volunteering has many benefits for individuals who
volunteer, the organizations to which we contribute and society as a whole.
The benefits of the project to the community is providing a positive impact on
the lives of others, so as to spread the warmth, friendship, and kindness from the

world around. In fact, it has the power to transform lives and to transform
By putting together this pageant, we were able to gain many useful benefits
such as; understanding how to work well with a variety of personalities, one on one,
and within a group setting. We also learned how to collaborate and compromise by
creating the budget for the event. Leadership skills were enhanced by putting
members in charge of arranging activities through the event. Moreover, we had
learned about responsibility, accountability, managing time and money wisely.
Through this project, we had discovered to build social networks, connectedness, and
community resilience. Indeed, it helps us to build a sense of satisfaction, pride,
purpose, and accomplishment.

4) Organization and implementation
a) Organizational chart, member involvement and job description

As a team leader, I’m responsible to provide direction, instructions, and
guidance to a group of individuals, for the purpose of achieving a common goal. First
of all, we had listed some of the examples of community service activity. Then, we
had chosen the one that we think is the most appropriate for the community service
project. As a leader, I am the one who is making a reservation with the HOME to
confirm the details like date, time, activities that we will do on that day. I also in
charge to buy some daily necessary things and a vanilla pandan fruitcake by using the
money that we had collected as a donation for HOME. In a word, all member were
actively get involved in this project, to ensure everything will be going very smoothly.
On that day, the activities that we had done at HOME were the sweeping floor,
mopping floors, cleaning fan and window, cleaning ceiling, wiping dust as well as
cleaning the benches and armrest along the corridor. Additionally, we also talking
Leader: Loo Yan
Elizabeth Wong Hew Thoong
Teoh Yu Jing
Ke Jing Xin
Einthumathi Ulaganathan
Adam Kee Shao Yuan
Tan Qi Keong
Chin Jian Wei

with them, serving slices of cake for them and taking photos with the seniors. During
that day, Yu Jing is one of the photographers to take some of the memorable moment.

b) Description of the project and documentation
On 21 August, Tuesday, we had organized a trip to visit the HOME which was
located at Jalan Sungai Dua, Bayan Lepas. The trip was comprised of 8 members.
When we arrived at HOME at 10 am, Ms. Tan was come forward to us and
greeted us with a short briefing friendly. First of all, we went to the donation place to
register the daily necessary things that we brought along and put it into a blue
trolley. After that, Ms. Tan brings us to the kitchen to keep the vanilla pandan
fruitcake into the refrigerator.

In the beginning, we were divided into two groups. One group was consist of
4 people. That is, Einthu, Elizabeth, Jing Xin and I were in a group; at the same time,
Qi Keong, Jian Wei, Adam, and Yu Jing were in a group. We were given the task to
clean up each of the blocks within the resident’s area of HOME. We were the
sweeping floor, mopping floors, cleaning fan and window, cleaning ceiling as well as
wiping dust. After we had cleaned each of the dorms, we were cleaning the benches
and armrest along the corridor. On the whole, we shared out the work and helped
each other in order to complete our jobs as quickly as possible.
Image of daily necessary things in a blue trolley
Image of cleaning activities that we had did

In the afternoon at 12 p.m., Ms. Tan allowed us to had our lunch outside. After
having lunch, we cut the vanilla pandan fruitcake into small pieces and distributed to
the senior citizens. They were really surprised that we will buy the cake for them.
We also chat with them and singing their favorite song together. They really enjoyed
it and clapped enthusiastically. As far as I am concerned, they were indeed
remarkable and impressive.

Soon, it was time to leave. We all said goodbye to the senior citizens. They
seem so sad that we were going back so soon. Before leaving, we had a group photo
with them and promised them that we will pay them another visit soon. It was a
memorable and ecstatic trip.

Image of vanilla pandan fruitcake and distributing cake to senior citizens
Image of the group photo with senior citizens

c) Impact goal for the beneficiary
Our goal for the beneficiary was to provide support for HOME. At Reliance
College, there is an emphasis on everything that we do for HOME being about the
change, not the amount of money earned, therefore, our goal was to try our best to do
as much as we can. Hence, we had a total of 8 people attend the pageant, for the
reason to help the residents of the HOME to be able to live their cleaner and safer
In addition, we also had contributed a total amount of RM 200 for HOME. By
using this money, we bought a 2kg of vanilla pandan fruitcake which cost about RM
104. Besides, we also bought some daily needs for HOME, namely, canned sardines,
soap powder, toilet paper, instant noodles, baked beans, etc. The donation receipt
from HOME, the receipt of the vanilla pandan fruitcake and daily needs are shown at
Moreover, we were socializing and befriend with the residents of HOME. We
make sure that the residents are well treated with respect, kindness, and dignity.

5) Evaluation and recommendations
a) Evaluation of the project
To be honest, I never thought about how amazing my visit to the old folk
home would be. After greeting the senior citizen and talking to them one-on-one, I
was very surprised by how appreciative they were for our visit. Maybe they felt lonely
or abandoned before, but now the tears of joy in their eyes are shining. Perhaps
everyone needs to know that they are really care of, even if it is a simple stranger.
After that, I was shocked by their optimism about the future, even if they were
old. Their spirit is so young. Even if they are wheelchair users, they are selfless. It
tells me that even in old age, happiness can exist, whether it is a frustrating situation
or a decrease in health.
To conclude, this visit left a profound impact, memorable and interesting. Our
consciousness and our profound influence on us. We are more sensitive than when we
arrive; sensitive to the elderly. This visit is an epiphany. Each of us is determined to
uphold our parents and elders. Old people motivate us all with their desire for the soul
and firm hope. I know that the rewards of volunteering are two-way. When you take

the time to help others, you will be amazed at how much you will get back – whether
it’s a new look or a warm smile.

b) Impact of the community service or charitable project
Participation in community service gives us the chances to be an active
member of the community and have a lasting, positive impact on society as a whole.
Community service enables us to acquire life skills and knowledge as well as to
provide services to those most in need. The below are some of the positive effects of
participating in community service programs, like psychological benefits, social
benefits, and cognitive benefits.
First, volunteering can improve overall life satisfaction and help us feel good
about ourselves because we are helping others. It can also help relieve stress and
depression. Second, volunteering enables us to engage with the community, build
special connections with the people we serve, as well as increment social awareness
and obligation. Third, volunteering helps us to heighten our personal knowledge, rise
from new experiences, and originate better interpersonal skills.
In short, participating in community service will not only affect the
organization and people being served, but also the career prospects of each student.
Participation in community service activities helps to increase our resumes, enabling
us to acquire work-related skills before graduation, establishing a good reference for
employers in community engagement, and providing a forum for potential employers.
It also helps us develop citizenship and social responsibility skills with a better
understanding about community needs.

c) Recommendation(s) for future projects

In my opinion, here are my some recommendation for future projects. Firstly,
I would like to wish that we can visit the seniors’ citizen when necessary or during
their birthdays, anniversaries or other festivities. Secondly, provide them with more
care, respect, and happiness by preparing some performance for them, like the singing
song, dancing or playing games with them together. Thirdly, I hope that we can invite
more people to visit them as more people are more powerful, for the reason to spread
our positive impact for them and use our strength to help them as we could. Besides,
I suggest that we could hold a charity bazaar at Reliance College, in order to raise
funds for the HOME. Lastly, I hope that every intake students will visit them at least
once because they are very friendly and enthusiastic.

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7) Appendix

Image of the donation receipt from HOME

Image of the receipt of vanilla pandan

Image of the receipt of daily necessary items


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