People Live Where it is Easier to Make a Living Essay

Now a days people who change country for better quality of life, are interested in places which aren’t densely populated. This is because making a living in a densely populated country is very difficult, since overcrowded roads and offices makes it difficult to live. Also there are external facts that change the original decition of were people want to settle. For example some of the facts that force people to change country are, water supply, the climate, the economy, the government and the communications of the area. Also there are fisical factors, as the poor vegetation, diseases and maybe natural hazards. Densely populated areas have very attractive factors, as better paid wedges, social interaction and water supply for example, but some cities are so overcrowded, as Pekin or Hong Kong, people are interested in living near populated areas, for example the outsides of London or Paris in Europe. There living is easier, since they are situated where it is easier to build houses and grow farms (in some cases).

Also they have a good water supply and available resources, which is necessary to live in good conditions.Countries which now are densely populated where attractive for early settlement because they have physical factors that enabled contructors to build buildings (flat land and lowland plains). The climate also attracted them, since in those areas rainfall is reliable and evenly distributed throughout the year, there are no extreme temperatures and have a lengthly growing season. Also areas where it is easier to construct canals, railways, roads and airports have attracted settlements.

Settlements where attracted by regions with intensive farming or industry since they can support large numbers of people employed. Sparsely populated areas, are located in places where it is dificult to build houses and buildings, for example the mountains. There temperature is very low, and in some cases, snow damages the land so people can’t grow crops correctly, so they loose time and also beneficts which normaly are taken from crops, as money. For this reason, areas located at extremes North and South, are sparsely populated, as northern Russia, or Ushuahia in Agentina.As an alternative statement we can say that the climate, comunications, water supply and the economy of a country makes people choose some areas in detriment of others since it’s easier to live in.

Two MEDC’s countries which have stable climate (in general), good water supply and a stable economy are United States and Japan. This means that the statement is right, those factors makes people living easier.In the other hand LEDC’s are totally oposed to these factors, which tells us that leaving in LEDC is much more difficult, so most of them should be sparsely populated which isn’t, because of several factors as poor sexual education, girls start to having babies at 16 years old, and a very high fertility rate, in LEDC’s its 5,4 lifetime births per woman. Also most of them are densely populated probably because people don’t have the chance to move because of their economic status, so they are obligated to stay in their countries working in farms and with the scarce resources due to the adverse climate. Their poor resources, lack of communication and poor wealth lead to a difficult life for people leaving in LEDC’s. People interested in changing country, will probably dont chose places as this ones, because there life is very difficult and danger of different diseases and pests are always present.

In conclusion, places which are most likely to be suitable in terms of living, are cities which have a stable climate, good water supplies, expanded communications and have high and stable economy, but up to certain point, because densely populated places, as Sudan where it is not easy to live, cities are overcrowded. So I think that people who have the chance to change country do it, and search places where jobs are better paid and life is easier, but people who don’t have the chance to change country because of their economical satus, are forced to stay in countries where life is difficult, and population grows at hudge speeds, which means that more and more people are forced to take this decition.SourcesAnonym author, Wednesday 12 March 2008, Demographics of United States, Wikipedia, [Internet], author, Wednesday 12 March 2008, Demographics of Japan, Wikipedia, [Internet], author, Thursday 27 March 2008, Fertility and contraceptive use, Unicef, [Internet],


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