people nurturing more varied experiences and relationships

people nurturing more varied experiences and relationships. The more that people with disabilities are given the opportunity to be part of their community the more that society assumptions ignorance prejudices and discriminations will be broken down. individuals with learning disabilities for instance are increasingly becoming regarded as part of society rather than people who are locked away somewhere. in time individuals will experience more equal opportunities as people and places change to meet their needs. An individual’s community will undergo familiarisation towards their disabilities leading to a lack of prejudice. services providing care using pcp will change to meet individuals needs rather than restricting individuals by forcing them to fit into the mould of the service.
Allowing individual to make decisions about their life means that they will experience more consistency in the provision of care. Care givers no longer work in a moralistic manner making decisions on what they think is best for an individual. This can lead to constant dispute in a care delivery team which in turn will mean a lack of consistency to the individual receiving care. Using person centre practice in line with the mental capacity act means that a care team need only look back to the individual for guidance on how to meet their needs. Individuals are also less likely to be held back through over cautions risk assessments and healthy promotion.


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