In this day and age, social media has found itself tobe at the centre and the main platform that individuals in society turn to fortheir news, information, and entertainment purposes. Social media platformshave helped thousands of families reunite and keep in touch all around theworld. In more recent times, social media has allowed a new gateway forbusiness and bloggers to promote and advertise their business online at noextra cost. With a click of a button social media ‘posts’ can reach hundreds ofthousands of users online in a second.

That is real power.  But why are social media users/influencers so popular? (Herring,Scheidt,Bonus&Wright,2005)argue that over the past few years the popularity of blog posts has transformedfrom ‘obscurity to immense popularity’. This may be because as technologyprogresses there are new and more advanced platforms for people to show theirindividuality and share their life or everyday experiences with the rest of theworld. They go on to state that blogs by social media influencers are morepopular as they are easily accessible, inexpensive, flexible and moreinteractive with their consumers, compared to the past with print or TV media.

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One can state that social media has officially taken over society as socialnetworking is predominantly the medium that majority of individuals use to receivetheir news, knowledge, personal , or entertainment purposes. Moreover, (Richard E. Petty and John Cacioppo,1986)developed the elaboration likelihood model is applied through motivation andreasoning.

Social influencers may use this model to help influence and createan impression towards their ‘followers’ and fans on social media. This model consistsof two parts: firstly, the centrally routed messages; this is where one wouldbecome motivated as they are paying attention to the social influencer, theythen enhance their thought process into a conscious view thus creating a ‘centralroute’ to deciding, thus leading one to alter their outlook and adopt upon theinfluencers proposal. And secondly, peripheral messages; this is whereindividuals concentrate on the influencers emotional involvement, persuading us(the audience) to feel closer and almost empathetic about the same situation,this may be because one admires certain characteristics of the influencer. From this one may also state, that in the past it wasmostly celebrity figures that were social influencers as they would endorsebrands and because of their fame, the social media platform allowed individualsto connect with them. However, within society today this is not always thecase, with the help of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitteralmost anyone can become a influencer. So long as your ‘posts’ are captivatingand interesting or even if you are catering to simply one category of interestslike baking or makeup for instance, you are able to transform your life andcreate a huge ‘following’ of audience online. Where real individuals are readyto listen to your every word and follow your every step of the way. Additionally,brands are ready to send these individuals their products to test out test andendorse to their fanbase.



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