People’s Access to Food and Fresh Water Essay

“Peoples access to food and fresh water greatly affect their standard of living. ” Describe how people’s standard of living different on a global scale and suggest reasons why these differences exist. Hello, today I will be talking about peoples access to food and fresh water and how it affects their standard of living, and some differences of this on a global scale. Many countries, for example China, Korea, Brazil, or Papua New Guiana, are very poor, compared to wealthy countries such as America, England, or Australia.

These poor countries may have bad access to resources, a bad government, or less or no rights. Each of these factors can cause poverty, first of all, bad access to resources will make it harder to grow food, which meaner less stuff to eat and sell. A bad government may not provide education, sanitation, or even any help, when they are perfectly capable of doing so. No rights will also cause poverty as the people are UN aware of what they should have, for example, governments are supposed to provide or their country when they aren’t.

So, why are these problems here? The reason there is bad access to resources may be because of bad soil, due to animals trampling the ground, or they may live in a hot desert, or a cold, snowy place. It may also be because they have no money to buy seeds or anything to grow. Another example is bad sanitation due to no plumbing, and if the people live near a river they can pollute the river making access to fresh water hard to come by.

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A bad government may have a lot of money, as do other rich people, but they are greedy and can’t part with their money, even to save the people of their countries lives. They also don’t provide education. Little or no rights are also caused by a bad government, another way for the government to raise money for themselves. If these people aren’t taught about human rights and what their government needs to provide for them, then they won’t know and their government can do whatever they want.


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