Performing Arts Dance: Crescendo of Attitude Essay

I chose this piece of music as my accompaniment to my choreography for its mood, dynamics, structure and also tempo.The mood contrasts between graceful and tranquil setting describing the shyness of the character. It then switches to a faster beat and more distinct instrumental inputs are used portraying the build in confidence or attitude of the character.Also the dynamics contrast from quiet gradually building to fairly loud. The beginning is quiet and fluid with a steady, clear beat structuring the characters life. Then the dynamics change to a clear, crisper sound becoming more complicated. The phrases are rigid and interrupted by different instruments, creating texture.

This shows the confidence levels being experimented with by the character to a climax.The structure is clear helping me to define sections and focus on them differently.The tempo does increase, but mainly stays moderate. This also helps me to define sections and use different motifs to match the dynamics, structure and tempo.

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Summary of Dance IdeaMy dance is about the build in confidence or attitude in a character. The beginning represents the shy, small and graceful character with a structured life. My dance then develops gradually building up with large, clear and distinct movements, showing the build in confidence.Description and InterpretationMy dance contains 4 main motifs that are developed throughout the dance. In the first section of my dance I wanted to convey the idea of the character being shy and structured.

To do this I used stretching movements that folded into relaxing, yoga – like poses. My final movement in this motif was my body releasing into a sideways lie on the floor. All my stretching and yoga movements were done on the floor.For the next motif, I swivelled my right leg towards my head and back down.

Then I gradually use a variety of stretches eventually got up into a standing position. From there, I sidestepped left then right then left again. Whilst doing this I used quite small but rigid arms gestures and shoulder rotations. All these tight, yet becoming fluid like movements show the experimentation being portrayed by the character.For the part of my dance that connects the experimentation part to the climax, I used quick movements to match the dynamics and tempo of the music.

I noticed that in my music there is constant fast, fast, slow beat in the music. I used this to base my motif on. First I repeated motif two, however throwing my upper body into the sidesteps movements. Next I span in a clockwise direction over a large area to end up in the same corner again as started in the start of the motif. I also used fluid upper and lower body movements, using the arms and legs and also hip to throw all my body into a ripple like movements.In some sections of my motif I co-operated with the beats, doing my movements fast, fast then flow with an arm, leg or hip in a slow manner.

However, in other parts, I went slow, slow, fast, to contrast the music. In my opinion this showed further experimentation as the confidence builds in the character, not only in space and dynamics of movements but also in speed and co-operation with music.For the last section of my dance I wanted to portray the climax of the “Crescendo of Attitude” and also the winding down of the character back to structured life.To do this I co-operated with the music at the point that all the instruments come together and they is like a whirlwind of music. To match this I did a fast pirouette on the spot into a large pose arms and legs spread, head defiant. I believe this showed the climax of the confidence because it is fast and shows the most confidence in the character; there is no experimentation at this point.

Finally I gradually lowered by body to the floor in breathlessness and graceful movements and used part repetition of motif one. I think this last lot of movements show that the character is still the same person as she was at the beginning, but now she knows she has the potential of confidence.Developments of My MotifsTo develop my motifs and overall my dance, I used a range of choreographic devices* Action Development* Spatial Development* Dynamic Development* Relationship DevelopmentAction DevelopmentIn part of my dance there is the section where I curl into a ball at the end of my piece. This is a repetition of the beginning motif but in reverse. One reason I chose to do this is because the music structure supported these moves. Another reason is to show the similarity in the character; beginning to end.Another example is the repetition of motif two.

I did this to convey that there is still structure in the piece.A final example of action development is the expansion of motif two. I did this to convey the experimentation build from the structure, with additional moves.Spatial DevelopmentI chose to change the level from slightly bent physique to a higher level; up tall. I did this to support the idea of growing in confidence. Going from low/small to high/big.

This represented from shyness to confident.I also chose to change the direction of my travelling in motif 3. I did this to show in confidence in the area of direction change. I believe that it portrays the idea that ideas/plans can go anywhere; there is no restriction.Another thing I changed to develop my dance was to have a set pathway. This was to show that the there was structure still in the character, but as the pathway spread over a large area, the character grew in confidence.Another example of spatial development was to go back to the original level in my dance; on the floor. I did this because it supported the music structure and also showed similarity in the character.

However, I chose to put it in reverse to show a secret confidence still there.Dynamic DevelopmentAt the beginning of my dance, the dynamics in the music were quite and smooth. To portray this, I used movements that were slow and graceful. I did this because it showed the shyness of the character and the set lifestyle they have.In the section of music in the part used for Motif two, the dynamics were jerky and the instrument texture was quite thin. To convey this I used slow, yet jerky movements. This showed the gradual experimentation conveyed by the characters, gradually building in confidence.In motif 3, the music was at full texture and has more fluid, yet fast dynamics.

To co-operate with this I increased in speed and in fluidicity of my movements. This shows the build, not only in movement changes, but also speed and the fluidicity of those movements.In the last section- motif 3 to end, the music was a full dynamics; fast, full texture (like a whirlwind), then died down. I used fluid movements getting gradually slower to show that the character is still the same, beginning to end. I did this also because it matches the structure of the music.Relationship DevelopmentAn example of this was that I matched my movements in place to the speed of the music. I felt that the dance flowed better if my moves matched the music.

However, I did do a reverse section where my movement dynamics contrasted with the beat of the music. This was to show further experimentation done by the character.I also matched the dynamics of moves to the music, for example, full texture – large, spread moves. This helps to support the idea of increasing in confidence and emphasises the attitude if the movement dynamics match the music dynamics.

A final relationship development is that I related the space use to the music structure. When the music got faster and more punctual, I thought that increasing the space use would emphasis the confidence increase idea also.EvaluationI really liked the movement of my fast pirouette on the spot. I liked it because I felt it represented the whirlwind of the climax very well and was a clean move.

I did not like particularly my choice of pathway when I had performed my piece. This was because I did feel it was appropriate to the message I was trying to convey, but maybe in a similar piece I would go for a more intricate design. I think my dance did communicate my idea of connecting with music. However, I think some of my movements were too cat – like and so got the viewer confused on what my stimulus was. On the other hand, I think I did choose my choice of movements well because the music and the dynamics of my movements matched my idea to most of the extent.


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