“Successis no accident. It is Hard Work, Perseverance, Learning, Studying and most ofall, Love for what you are doing.” ~ PELÉ “Perseverance” is a value I firmly hold onto. OnceI set my sights on the one thing I wanted to achieve, “Perseverance” would bethe fuel that propels me towards my ultimate goal. During my childhood, not knowing the exact reason,I was very interested in soccer.

The constant drive to quench my thirst forknowledge of soccer was insurmountable. Before I knew it, I found myself signingup for various classes. Nevertheless, the beginning was never easy. My legsnever achieved the agility and strength required, they were stiff and runningaround the field would resemble a prancing chicken on a farm.

A 2-hour gamesession would feel like a year and my friends ridiculed me for this. Maybe thiswas a far fetched dream after all. I started to doubt my passion for soccer andthe thought of giving up pondered upon me.  Should I give in? was the question that haunted metime and time again. Then, a loud voice from the back of my head shrieked “No!don’t give up”.

At that point, I realised, “Perseverance” is a mere “stop” and“go”. This was a choice you had to make and whatever you choose maybe lifechanging. Now, all though not perfect, I am proud to say thatI am in position where most people can only dream of attaining. I am gratefulthat I persevered and will definitely continue to-do so. In every walk of life, “Perseverance” plays aquintessential role in reaching the pinnacle of success and excellence and I amsure that I will never desist from this noble value no matter how dishearteningthe circumstance may be.


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