The Persians – Modern Iran ·     Travel for military purposeo  During Achaemenid Empire, by Cyrus the greato  To conquer the regiono  Persipolis (the city of Persians) was builtwhich now become one of the heritage in Iran and become a tourist attractionnowadayso  The grand Nasqh-e Jahan Square Palace located inIsfahan, also one of UNESCO heritage with big garden. It is now a mosque, andplaces for bazaar for the local·     Roads was built for easy travel and at the sametime, markers were established to indicate the distance.

·     Modes of transport : wagons, donkey/ mules wereintroduce, Mesopotamians (wheeled vehicle). One of the purpose is for imperialcommunications and to transport goods required at royal court·     During achaemenid empire, they adoptZoroastrianism religion which now is Islam·     Created Mosaic tiles which now can find in mostbuilding and houses (one of tourist attraction)·     First to implement paper cheque to saveitinerant merchants from having to carry large amount of money·     In 1979, Iran was accused of sponsoringterrorism by ex president of US, George W Bush for 37 years, which cause mostof the country to prevent their resident to enter Iran. 


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