Personal Affiliations and Networking Essay

I arrive at my topographic point of work at 7. 00am. Equally shortly as I arrive I have a displacement alteration over meeting with the dark staff. At this meeting I would be told if there were any jobs in the dark with any of the service users. Following I collect the keys to my house where I will be working. I work in house 2 where I support two service users.

Once I enter the house I wake up the service users by strike harding on their doors and naming their name. Once they are up I support them with personal attention. this involves lavishing them.

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rinsing their hair and if a male service user. I assist in giving them a shaving.I besides prompt them to clean their dentitions. I ever wear baseball mitts with any personal attention for infection control and ever alter them for each service user. I so fix breakfast. I give the servicers a pick. but normally this would be cereal with java. On an afternoon displacement dinner is from so bill of fare which the service users both plan with my support.

When making this I ever wear protective baseball mitts for hygiene grounds. My following occupation would so be to administer medicine. I besides have to have on baseball mitts for this every bit good for hygiene grounds.I besides have to utilize a medical specialty pot to set the Master of Educations in to go through to the service user. Once I have witnessed the medical specialties being taken I so mark to state they have been given. Service users usually go to their twenty-four hours centres between 8. 30 and 9.

00am. Once they have gone I do their lavation and housekeeping. I besides use this clip to do assignments if needed. These would include physicians. tooth doctor or even hair assignments. Another function in occupation is to make fundss for the services users. Every displacement I will number their money which is locked in a closet I collect keys for this from the displacement leader.

Count the monies to see that there are no disagreements. I would besides take money for nutrient which is done on a hebdomadal footing. This is called hard currency and balance. I sign on the relevant finance sheet to enter that I have done this. At the terminal of each displacement I fill in a record called a day-to-day sheet I record on this what I have done with the service user.

These records every bit good as the finance sheets are confidential as must be ever treated as such. This means non discoursing with any irrevent people my service users finance state of affairs and any private issues they may hold. This is really of import.When working with any new service users I would ever foremost read their attention programs.

This allows me to understand the service user’s demands and the manner personal attention and eating should be undertaken. It is really of import I read this as every service user is different and have different demands. These programs besides tell me if the service user has any communicating issues i. e. ; unable to talk usage gestural linguistic communication etc. When taking a service user out I would ever read the hazard appraisal. This will bespeak to me any jobs or things needed to make before taking person out.This could include things like service user non being able to mount stepss use escalators or holding a fright of lifts.

It besides tells me if a service user could acquire violent or distressed in crowds besides if any particular equipment is needed this could include wheelchairs or walking AIDSs. If a hazard appraisal is non available for what I want. for illustration taking person to the images I would make a new one and acquire it signed off by a squad leader or director. This is a true history of my responsibilities in my occupation function as a residential support worker.


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