Personal Attributes and Skills of Bartenders in Two Selected Bars in Las Pinas Area Sample Essay


The barman is besides portion of the society. Sometimes. they are compared to Hollywood graven image. But whatever the image. it is non ever the most glamourous occupation. Harmonizing to Mr. Clausewits ( 2005 ) . ”Train difficult. battle easy. ” He straight pointed out that a good barman must cognize the occupation better in order to accomplish success in saloon operation in an easy manner.

“Not merely regular Joe off the street can go a good professional barman is much more complex that most people think. Bartending is occupations that give you congratulationss and outstanding acknowledgments the same as the well-respected and gifted chef. But before anyone could be good barman. They must be geting such accomplishments and properties.

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Most barmans are ne’er officially trained. But each of them has different accomplishments and properties that are unambiguously crystalline to others. Skills like creativeness. showmanship or executing and cognition in Mixology which makes them productive in carry throughing their work with a minimal outgo of their clip and attempt. On the manus. properties like communicating accomplishments. personal hygiene and personal etiquette would enable them to bring forth the intended or expected consequence of work to be able to acquire the assurance of their clients. The “central figure” The barman ( Tomas. 2004 ) . The figure is normally one of the best friends and normally serves as the public image of the saloon they tend. lending to every bit good as reflecting the ambiance of the constitution but they vary in accomplishments and attributes they acquired.

Harmonizing to Porter ( 2006 ) there are certain qualities that a good barman must get. First. being a good host. The ideal individual can acquire along with all the other groups of employees- forepart of the house ( waiters. hostesses. etc ) the kitchen staff. direction and every invitee who walks through the door. Bartenders can do people experience welcome. Second. a diplomat. Since this individual is a observant. good barman knows when to be soundless. knows when to gently but steadfastly decline to function more to person who’s merely seeking to be friendly. Third has authorization figure. A good barman can command adult male or adult female behind the saloon and work out jobs of the full concern even if the things get busy. Fourth. being a Role Model. A representative of saloon or a eating house. ( male or female ) . A good barman can manage any state of affairs in any saloon at any clip. For a long clip. The saloon was a man’s universe. But no longer be a fact some nine proprietors feel that adult females conveying a different disposition to bartending. that they have the ability to defuse tense state of affairss without going aggressive and happen them more willing to larn. pattern. Take notes and ask inquiries.

In the Philippines. there is no school for barmans. but there is an organisation and authorities bureaus that conducts seminars and preparations. the Filipino barmans League and the Flair Club of the Philippines. DOT and TESDA. They help to develop and heighten the potencies of the Filipino barmans to be a good and professional 1.


To find the personal properties and accomplishments of barmans of two selected bars in Las Pinas country.

Specific PROBLEM

1. What is the profile of a barman?

a. Age

b. Gender/ Sexual activity

c. Educational Background

d. Old ages of Experience

2. What are the personal properties of a barman in footings of?

a. Communication Skills

B. Personal Hygiene

c. Personal Etiquette

3. How do this personal properties affect the effectivity of the barman in carry throughing his work?

4. What are the accomplishments required of a barman?

a. Creativity

b. Showmanship

c. Knowledge of Mixology

5. How make these accomplishments affect the efficiency of the barman?


The extent of the survey will concentrate on finding the personal properties and accomplishments of barmans of two selected bars in Las Pinas country. It will get by up some information through mentions. interviews and other resources which can lend answer to the inquiry about their profile and to the personal properties and accomplishments they acquired refering to efficiency and effectivity. It will besides concentrate to the two bars located at Las Pinas country with the same type preferred by the research workers. These are:

• Time out

• Impulse

Significance OF THE STUDY

The survey will profit the followers:


This survey will give an overview on the accomplishments and properties of other barmans on selected bars in Las Pinas country. Though this chance for the freshly barmans to hold an thought on how to fix their ain abilities:

Directors on selected bars

Gaining more people means more concern. The consequence of the survey can supply directors of different bars added information about the accomplishments and properties

of a barman.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Students

Bing the hereafter practicians in the cordial reception industry. this will assist them on how to better the accomplishments they posses and be cognizant of their ain properties. This will give them extra information therefore will broaden their cognition on how to be an effectual barman in the hereafter.


Independent Intervening Dependent

Variables Variables Variables

1. Profile 1. Personal Attributes A good and professional saloon

a. Age a. Communication Skills

B. Sexual activity B. Personal Hygiene

c. Old ages of experience c. Personal Etiquette

II Skills

a. Creativity

b. Showmanship

c. Knowledge of blending

Fig. 1. Appraisal of personal Properties and accomplishments of a barman in two Selected Bar in the Las Pinas City Area.

The construct of the survey is presented on the research paradigm shown in fig. 1 entitled “Assessment of Personal Attributes and Skills of a barman in two Selected Parallel barss in Las Pinas area”

The construct includes the independent variables such as age. sex. educational background and Old ages of experience. Among five barmans on selected bars. that said variables are non barriers to be a figure of a good and professional barman every bit long as they perform their work with effectivity and efficiency.

Porter ( 2006 ) . “Gender and age makes no difference. ” Male or female can be a good barman on status that they have ability to execute their work and they acquired the personal properties and accomplishments stated in step ining rule even they are immature or new in the occupation. Harmonizing to Michael Russell ( 2007 ) where a barman starts. Out in school or in a saloon. the existent universe experience will finally be the best experience he can acquire.

Second. the intervening variables are much helpful in accomplishing the rubric “Professional Bartender” with the support of the personal properties and accomplishments they obtain such as their communicating accomplishments. personal hygiene. personal etiquette. their creativeness. showmanship and cognition of mixology.

Michael Russell ( 2007 ) . “There are few basic elements that a good barman must maintain in head. ” He merely stated that in order to derive customer’s assurance a good barman must absorb such accomplishments and personal properties.

Last. the theories collected and the correlativity of the independent and intervening variables will come up dependant variable which is a good and professional barman.


Bar – topographic point for imbibing: a topographic point where alcoholic drinks can be bought and rummy.

Bartender- person functioning in the saloon: person serves in the saloon.

Bartending- is an act of being an attender and retainer that can pull off the activities in the saloon.

Mixology- the accomplishment that fixing cocktails. particularly cocktails incorporating intoxicant

Execution- mode of public presentation: the manner of mode in which something is carried out or accomplished.

Effectiveness- ability in bring forthing the intended or expected consequence of work to be able acquire the assurance of the clients.

Efficiency- a competent public presentation to carry through occupation in the best possible mode with a minimal outgo of clip and attempt.

Professional- conforming to the criterions of a profession.

Diplomat- person who is tactful and sensitive in traffics with other people

Nuisance- person or something irritating: or raging or annoying individual or thing

Temperament- A prevailing or dominant quality of head that characterizes person.

Defuse- to do a state of affairs less tense. unsafe. or uncomfortable

Mixologist- A employee or staff who mixed and serves alcoholic drinks at the saloon.

Glamorous- unnaturally good-looking

Complex- group of repressed thoughts that shape an individual’s response to believe. experience. and act in a certain accustomed form.

Skills- Proficiency installation and sleight that is required or developed though preparation or experience.

Attribute- a quality or characteristic inherent in or ascribed to person or something.

Chapter II


Foreign Literature

A Bartender ( bartender. Barkeep. barmaid. bartender among other names ) serves tends the drinks behind the saloon in a saloon. saloon. tavern. or similar constitution. This normally

Includes alcoholic drinks of some sort. such as beer ( both bill of exchange and bottled ) . wine and/or cocktails. every bit good as soft drinks or non alcoholic drinks. He “tends the bar” A barman may have the saloon he tends. or merely be an employee. Barkeep carries a stronger intension of being the purveyor i. vitamin E ownership.

In add-on to their core beverages-serving duty. barmans besides:

• Take payment from clients ( and sometimes the servers or waitresses ) :

• Maintain the spirits. garnishes. glasswork. and other supplies or stock list for the saloon ( though some constitution have barbacks which help with these responsibilities ) :

In Constitutions where cocktails are served. barmans are expected to be able to proveperly mix 100s to 1000s of different drinks. ( Bartenders-Guide )

Harmonizing to Chris Thomas ( 2004 ) . The cardinal figure of drinks operation is the saloon stamp. an amalgam of gross revenues individual. entertainer. bartender and psychologist. Ofcourse. the barman primary map is to blend and function drinks for frequenters at the saloon and/ or to pour drinks for able clients served by servers and waitresses. Some say that is the easy portion of the occupation. Less obvious. but non less than of import. are the functions of keeper and attention return attention. This responsibilities include entering imbibe gross revenues. rinsing glasswork and utensils. keeping clean and orderly saloon. The barman is typically a host and a booster who’s combination of accomplishments and manners translates into public relation benefits that build good will and good concern.

Harmonizing to Costas Katsigries ( 2004 ) . Bartendings is as wide- is as broad wanging occupation as you can acquire in the nutrient service concern and it’s ne’er a simple- or every bit glamorous- as it seems. The barman is the individual who notices when things are acquiring crowded and brainsick and usesis oculus contact and the smiling to purchase clip when new comers or singles approach the saloon ; the individual who wit. wisdom and accessibility make him or her the centre of conversation and the pourveyor of advice every bit good as drink concunction.

Bartending requires certain accomplishments and aptitude- non the least of which is patients. adoptability and good attitude. The barman must cognize the formulas for what of all time drinks the house serves and technique for blending them to be able to work rapidly and accurately. To this terminal the occupation requires sleight and a good short term memory. In a high- volume saloon the ability to work rapidly and under force per unit area is indispensable. A pleasing visual aspect and pleasing personality are indispensable in any saloon. though less so in a service saloon out of client site. Honesty is the most of import quality of all and- many saloon proprietors insist- the hardest to happen.

Harmonizing to Porter ( 2004 ) . these are the certain qualities that a good barman must acquired:

• Gender makes no difference

• The barman is a good host

• The barman is a diplomat

• An authorization figure

• A function theoretical account

• Knows how to blend drinks

In the February 1998 issue of restaurant Hospitality Magazine. writer Robert Plotkin listed some unwanted traits of a barman.

• They maintain a “ Me first” Perspective

• They disregard specified serving parts

• They served inferior merchandises

• They lack short- term memory

• Their precedences are scattered

• They give discriminatory intervention

• They are an inventive order- takers

• They let their professionals demeanor faux pas

Bartenders besides normally serve as the public image of the saloon they tend. lending to every bit good as reflecting the ambiance of the saloon. In some constitutions focused purely on the nutrient. this can intend the barman is all but unseeable. On the other extreme. some constitutions make the bartender portion of the amusement. expected possibly to the engage in genius bartending or other signifiers of amusement such as those exemplified in the movies Cocktail and Coyote Ugly. Some bars might be known for barmans which serve the drinks and otherwise allow a frequenter entirely. while others want their barmans to be good hearers and offer guidance ( or a “shoulder to shout on” ) as required. Good barmans help supply a steady patronage by retrieving the favorite drinks of habitues. holding recommendations on manus for local night life beyond the saloon. or other unofficial responsibilities. In parts where tipping is the norm. barmans depend on tips for most of their income. In those constitutions where bush leagues are non allowed within the saloon country. barmans are besides normally responsible for corroborating that clients are of the legal imbibing age before functioning them intoxicant. ( Bartending Handbook ATBP. 1991 )

In United States. barmans are required to obtain enfranchisement as a status of employment. Harmonizing to their agency of labour Statisticss ( BLS. 2004 ) . they provides extended item on the typical occupation demands


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