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Personal Essay Gail M Biggers Grand Canyon University: UNV 504 February 27, 2013 Deciding to attend Grand Canyon University was one of the best decisions that could have been made. I started out on my journey studying to be a pharmacy technician. My first attempt was on the job training at Eckerd Drugs as a drug clerk. I completed the training and was promoted to pharmacy technician. Although I had on the job training I wanted to learn more and strengthen my skills and knowledge in this field.

I decided to enroll in online classes for pharmacy technician at Ashworth University where I earned what they called a career diploma I completed the course and earned a 4. 0. Even though I had completed this course I was not satisfied and wanted to learn more so I started to research colleges since I felt as though that I wanted to do more, I wasn’t finished. I did not know where I wanted to attend but I did know that I wanted to continue in healthcare since this where I felt I would be of most help. I filled out an application online to help match me with the right college that would offer what I was looking for in health care.

I knew that I wanted to broaden my horizons and serve others since I got my greatest rewards in that capacity. So I was on my journey to find a college where I could further my education and one that would fit my needs since I could not go on campus I was looking for online classes. By now I knew that I wanted my degree and I wanted to specialize in healthcare since it was my passion to help others no matter what their circumstances, status, heritage, ethnicity everyone should be treated equally and with respect I felt I was the type of person who could deliver.I t ended up that one day the phone rings and on the other end was an enrollment counselor from Grand Canyon University. He spoke to me about the college and he asked me about my education and he matched me with studies that would correspond with what I had already learned.

The rest is history I continued my education and graduated in December 2012 with my Bachelors of Science degree in healthcare majoring in Professional Development and Advanced Patient Care. Choosing studies at Ken Blanchard College of Business has given me the opportunity to excel in my chosen career and to become a scholar at it.Ken Blanchard College of Business will formulate what a student is looking for and that is being well versed in their chosen career. Since I have decided to further my education and become a master at it I decided to proceed on in healthcare. I chose Health Informatics since everything is becoming paperless and the medical profession/ community is converting to electronic documentation.

I decided why not get in to this career since this where we as a society are headed. I find informatics interesting and it is reason why I am pursuing my master’s degree in this profession.The program of study that I have chosen will help reach my goals because of my interests in technology and ways to help those who are underserved. With the surfacing of technology e-commerce applications and telecommunications I will find myself ready to conquer the changes that are occurring now. When it comes to strength and weakness in graduate school weakness is not part of my vocabulary I will work to be the best I can. I have learned to manage my time and work as hard as needed to complete this part of my journey.

When researching the studies offered at the Ken Blanchard College of Business I found that the Master’s of Business with an Emphasis in Health Systems Management would be something that I would find that would work with my chosen program it is appealing because it contains what I would need to know and would help with making me a well rounded individual and scholar. It’s concentration on leadership; critical thinking, interpersonal skills and technology are what I want to learn and is of great interest to me. I am glad that I have taken this journey it has been rewarding and I am truly grateful.


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