Peter Skrzynecki Essay

Peter skrzynecki uses the idea of alienation and belonging in his poems discuss use in his two poems Peter skrzynecki uses the idea of belonging in he’s poems by using many language structures and poetics devices for example in he’s two poems feliks skrzynecki and St Patricks college The poem Feliks skrzynecki is a tribute about peters father .

Peter uses many different poetics devices to show the idea of belonging and alienation, the use of possessive pronoun in the first stanza which starts with “My gentle father” indicates very touching and positive opening of the poem which makes the poet feel a sense of possession and pride towards his father which expresses that peter has sense of belonging to he’s father.

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The use of simile “loved his garden like an only child “indicates that Feliks belongs to his garden ,which demonstrates the importance of gardening to Feliks identity it also suggest a distance between the father and son, as peter feels the garden belongs in his father’s life in way that peter cant that shows a sense of sadness.

The use of 3rd person pronoun “his father’s friends” indicates that peter excludes himself from belonging to his fathers friends which shows a sense of alienation it also indicates a sense of distance or dispossession and that the polish friends are peters fathers friends alone, “Minds making from sunrise to sleep” peter uses alliteration in this quote to create a verbal sense of belonging, reflecting the notion that Feliks feels a strong affrication to his garden.

Alliteration in first stanza also mimics the idea expressed within it as the poem moves on its comes a point where peter uses direct speech and this is reflected by the quote “did your father ever attempt to learn English “the use of direct speech give us an insight into situation and it also brings the poem alive in this case the use of direct language in this quotes indicates that Feliks is viewed as an outsider by the Australians which shows major alienation and the language is barrier that does not allow Feliks to belong.

The poem St Patricks College is poem that is about the school that peter went to when he was a kid. In this poem peter also uses many different poetic devices to show the idea of belonging and alienation. The use of first person pronoun reflected by the quote “I thought was a brand of soap” adds to skrzynecki newness with the school which shows that peter did not fit into the new school and the logo luceat ux vestra adds further to his alienation as peter mistakes the logo for a “brand of soap” The use of simile “like a foreign tourist” This simile creates a sense of alienation as it suggest that peter an outsider and also peter skrzynecki bus trips made him feel that he did not belong the use of simile in that quote creates a sense of irony as peter is from a foreign background he may feel lonely at school for this exact reason. The use of metaphor “her face overshadowed by clouds “Acts an warning foreshadowing of skrzynecki future school experiences which suggests a barrier to belonging.

This symbol of darkness also highlights skrzynecki alienation. Peter used direct speech which is shown by the quote “What was best “direct speech gives us an insight into the situation in this case the direct emphasises that peters mother valued education . His parents would have sacrificed a great deal to be able to ford this education for their son but also indicates peters regret as that the money was wasted to certain degree, as he feels that his education wasn’t for the best which portrays alienation and barrier to belonging. Conclusion –Peter used many different poetic devices to show the idea of belonging and alienation


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