Peugeot is a French automobile manufacturer company

Peugeot is a French automobile manufacturer company, was founded in 1810 by armand Peugeot, Peugeot first started manufacture bicycles and later on automobiles also Peugeot has been involved successfully in motor sport for more than a century and The company also participated in providing engines for Formula One teams, especially for the McLaren teams in 1994, Peugeot received many international awards for its vehicles including the five European car of the year, in 2014 Peugeot ranked the second lowest for average co2 emissions among generalist brands in Europe.
Peugeot mission is to manufacture vehicles that meet both the design teams expectations and customer requirements while complying with cost target and delivery deadlines.

Quality is about doing things right, Peugeot always producing it’s vehicles that meet customer expectation, They depend on the presence of good materials to manufacture their cars that are compatible with the standards of quality, comfort and performance that customers seek for it. The good quality materials used in their vehicles prevent happening any damage to the vehicle. Peugeot focus on their vehicles design they design their cars in a good and smooth way. The vehicles interior is fashionable and spacious ,the seats are comfortable.The car showroom is spacious, clean and well designed. The staffs are friendly and helpful when needed and they have experience dealing with the customers. Peugeot service also provide quality to their customers. Overall Peugeot quality objectives is achieved by producing goods and provides services that meet customer expectation with error free products and services which require skilled workforce, proper technologies and effective communication.

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Speed is about doing things quickly. Peugeot focus on the speed process, the quick respond and delivery which is really give the company speed advantage. Peugeot each year show to their customers the improvement between requesting and receiving they try to minimize the time, with the online website customer can have a quick access to all their products. The customer can also book for test drive through their website and it wont take time. Peugeot service is also fast customer bring their car for service and they finish it in the same day which give the customer satisfaction. Customer can book for service through the website to speed the process. Customer can order parts or accessories for their car and its immediately available. The staffs are always ready for help. Customer also has many option for the payment method which enhance the speed purchasing process. Overall the speed capabilities enhances the value of the product or service to customers and it brings other benefits to the operations.

Dependability means doing things on time and as promised. Peugeot succeed on having dependability with their customers. The showroom opening hour is predicted and customer can be informed if there is any change in the opening hour. Peugeot services Appointment times are accurate and trusted and the spears are delivered on time to the service center. Customers vehicles delivered on time. Peugeot achieved that through the use of reliable equipment’s, effective communication between both customers and service center, efficient scheduling systems, motivated workforce. Peugeot on time delivery avoids customers complaints and it prevent lateness, wasted time, therefore saving cost.

Flexibility is about being able to change the operations to fulfil new requirements. Peugeot each year introduced either new or modification vehicle model in the market. Their products contains a wide range of option that the customers can have. Their manufacturing system is very flexible they can change or adjust their volume sales. Customers also can demand for customized product. The products delivery is also flexible, the ability to change delivery time. The numbers of vehicles manufactured are adjusted each year its depend on the customer demand. Some models are not manufactured any more. Peugeot vehicles available from sedan to vans and light commercial vehicles. Peugeot provides vehicles for professional range. Peugeot is using versatile equipment’s ,multi skilled workforce for having a flexibility in production, also Peugeot deals with flexible suppliers providing wide range of resources. Peugeot said it would invest in hybrid cars, SUVs and autos, insisting it would spend less on research and development than its peers.

Cost is about doing things in efficient way. The effectiveness of quality ,speed, dependability .flexibility will lead to have low cost incur. Peugeot is trying to balance between cost and benefits. Lower cost of production reflects to the customer inform of lower price same for lower quality used. Peugeot deals with good suppliers and improve relationship, there is good negotiation of supplying contracts, getting the right resources and facilities as input. Peugeot use advanced technology in their production which lead to cut cost. Peugeot monitor and control the manufacturing overhead cost such as electricity and energy used. Peugeot trying to reduce the labour force and focus more on automation in the production which also save cost. The cost of Peugeot products is somehow proportional / the prices are suitable for customers (average price )also Peugeot services and Peugeot accessories their prices are suitable for customers.

Radar Chart


COST(7/10 ) SPEED(8/10)


Peugeot operate the five capabilities in effective way although Peugeot cost still need to be improve ,Focusing on having highly skilled and trained workforce is important for cost reduction Peugeot should ensures that the workforce is appropriated skilled that will help to reduce costs and increase safety and retain employees.
Peugeot company must work in close cooperation and collaboration with both suppliers and customers in order to deliver a product that meets customers’ needs and desires effectively. This cooperation should start as soon as possible when developing a new vehicle or product so that customers’ requirements are clear and integrated in the rest of the development process and the supply chain. This will ensure that Peugeot company will not waste time and money developing a product that customers will not find attractive and will help them make the right purchasing decisions and it lead to improve the five capabilities.


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