Phenomenology as an Alternative to Postmodernism? Essay

Phenomenology is the survey of experiences or phenomena every bit good as the significances that these experiences have for human existences ( Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

2003 ) . Phenomenology surveies perceptual experience. thought. memory. imaginativeness. emotion and desire as they are closely associated to human experience ( Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 2003 ) . Further.

phenomenology efforts to explicate the relationship between human consciousness and societal action ( Orleans. 2008 ) . It is besides concerned with the ways in which human behaviour is a consequence of societal experiences ( Orleans.

2008 ) .Phenomenology can be considered an alternate to postmodernism because postmodernism is more concerned with human promotion through engineering than with existent human experience ( Lyotard. 1985 ) . As engineering progresss so does the human race.

However. this promotion comes at the cost of fewer reliable societal experiences between human existences. In this manner. the postmodern cognition that is available to human existences mostly depends on those in charge of structuring engineering and doing it available to the multitudes ( Lyotard. 1985 ) . For the most portion the passing of cognition no longer requires human contact or storytelling ( Lyotard. 1985 ) .

Human existences have come to trust on computing machines and digital engineering so much in recent old ages that societal connexions are enduring. Peoples confer with one another via electronic mail and text messaging more so so they do confront to confront. As a consequence. human experiences are going fewer and further between. Academic subjects are in existent danger as engineering continues to let worlds to pass on without holding to be in the same room ( Lyotard. 1985 ) . A good illustration is that of online acquisition plans. These are tremendously utile to people who merely have a limited clip to go to school or wish to go to a school far from where they live.

However. there is no human contact associated with such plans and reliable acquisition experiences suffer as one learns entirely instead than in coaction with others.Lyotard. Jean-Francois. ( 1985 ) .

The Postmodernist Condition. A Report on Knowledge. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Orleans. Myron. ( 2008 ) . Phenomenology.

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