Philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle Essay

The doctrines of Socrates. Plato. and Aristotle had different points of-view but they were besides similar in some ways. For illustration. all three philosophers had their ain ideas on the topic of justness and authorities. Socrates belief on this affair was that democracy was an unwise signifier of authorities. He thought that the electing of the people was unjust justness. Plato had some of the same beliefs. He believed that authorities should merely hold swayers who had the intelligence and instruction appropriate for the affair. His ideas were that a occupation should be done merely by those who are best suited for it. To him nobility was a perfect signifier of authorities.

The point of Socrate’s doctrines were to do people believe about the inquiries he would frequently inquire. The ground for these inquiries being asked were to hold people to their ain ideas and sentiments toward life. He did non believe a individual with the right head should follow the stairss of their ascendants. Alternatively of traveling around inquiring inquiries. Plato. another philosopher. would compose his ain conversations with imaginerary people.

These conversations would cover much of the same subjects that Socrates had tried to cover earlier. These subjects largely dealt with life such as authorities. sentiments toward justness and how people truly viewed instruction.

Aristotle besides had his ain theories towards his belief of the “right government” . He wanted his consequences to demo felicity among the people. He’d chiefly collect information from analyzing life animals and detecting their life wonts. He would make this so that he could see what brought them felicity. His sentiment toward life was that all people should populate a just and happy life. After many efforts of organizing the perfect authorities. his facts allowed him to believe that a perfect authorities could be formed merely by those who have a in-between category. The in-between category would dwell of those who were non rich yet non hapless.

Both Aristotle and Plato had different ideas on the division of the authorities. Aristotle claimed to believe that a authorities should dwell of many categories for the protection of the people and the province. While Plato disagreed and thought that dividing of power was unjust and cruel. In his head. he felt that those in the lower category could ne’er hold the opportunity to acquire any higher in life.

Though all three philosophers felt that the authorities should be based on the equalness of all the people. they all had different positions on what equality truly meant. These philosophers all had their ain manner of garnering information and passing it through the heads of others.


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