Philosophy of Nursing Essay

Nursing refers to a contact or a bond that exists between two or more individuals in which one of the two individuals provide professional attention to the other in add-on to supplying advice with an purpose of bettering the wellness of the other single an preventing unwellness. Doctrine of nursing may mention to beliefs that different persons have towards nursing. Humans refer to the Primatess in the household of hominids. They have a encephalon which is extremely expanded enabling them to work out jobs through concluding. control of feelings. usage of linguistic communication and self-contemplation.

Worlds are ever hankering to understand the universe around them and act upon the natural happenings. Nursing involves the interaction between two human existences and hence human must be for the procedure of nursing to be successful. Health refers to a province of good being where there is no illness and reflects the societal. physical. religious and mental fittingness of an person. Good wellness may be brought approximately by a balanced diet. exercising and remainder. It is through nursing that an single acquires good wellness ( Pharris. 2001. pp. 8-12 ) .

Nursing refers to a scientific discipline in which the individual involved purposes at guaranting a good wellness for persons. households and communities. In general. the scientific discipline of nursing purposes at continuing the quality of life. It involves caring for persons in a contributing environment to advance good wellness and prevent unwellness. Environment is defined as the extended information on issues. plans and policies impacting our environing. It refers to anything internal or external that may make some impact in the life of an single including all the life and non life beings that exist on the Earth.

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It has to conducive to ease the procedure of nursing. Humans A good hurting control after surgery when accompanied by appropriate community wellness services enables an person to reconstruct him or herself. It is nevertheless the duty of every individual to guarantee that the nurse or the physician knows about him or herself before the hurting control is administered on him or her. This the patient could make by enabling the physician to cognize about his or her drug dependence either the yesteryear or nowadays. This will enable the nurse to cognize the type and the sum of medicine to offer.

Surgery of the tummy is a really painful one and the drug history of a individual may impact the person’s tolerance to the hurting or response to the hurting stand-ins. The hurting control in patients besides depends on the age of the patient every bit good the conditions of wellness of the person before the surgery. Controling hurting after surgery is a really indispensable measure in the life of a patient as it helps the person to derive the best consequences on functionality. This is appropriate because the hurting after surgery increases the functionality of the patient.

Patients who before the surgery were on hurting medicine do necessitate an disposal of drawn-out hurting medicine. Otherwise the patient may necessitate shorter moving hurting medicines for the control of hurting ( Newman. 2003. pp. 110-115 ) . Nursing The belief that good hurting control and community wellness services help reconstruct a individual after surgery relates to nursing in the sense that nurses have been found to be mediums through which terminal attention at place can be improved. Trouble control is one of the constituents of quality terminus attention in the community.

Patients who have undergone surgery should be given adequate advice by the nurses on where to acquire aid if necessary. In add-on to this they should be given appropriate anodynes to transport place which should be accompanied by sufficient instructions on their use. Nevertheless. patients should be given both verbal and written information about hurting so that and how hurting can be reduced. The nursing staff should ever be at that place for patients to advice them and to discourse with them their pick of a hurting alleviating techniques. The hurting that is experienced by patients after surgery is normally really great that it should non be underestimated.

This is because the hurting does different deductions on both the patients and the community wellness services. A proper hurting control after surgery hence requires the intercession of the nurse which will give manner for community wellness services therefore assisting the patient to derive his or her wellness back. Nurses facilitate the procedure of hurting control and guarantee that it good managed to rush the procedure of recovering of a patient ( Margaret. 1999. pp. 227-230 ) . Health The wellness of a individual enables that individual to work mentally. spiritually. physically and socially in full ability.

The belief that a good hurting control and community wellness service helps an person to reconstruct after a surgery relates to wellness in the sense that an person will merely hold a good wellness when he or she is non in hurting. A individual is considered to to the full healthy if he or she is non experiencing any hurting. Surgery involves a batch of hurting therefore after a surgery an single requires pain alleviation which is achieved through proper hurting control by the nurses to enable him or her to work decently both physically. mentally. spiritually and socially.

When a individual is in hurting. he or she will non execute any physical activity in add-on the individual will non be able to socialise freely with other people. The individual will besides non believe decently therefore missing both mental and religious thought. This is because pain makes a individual uncomfortable making a feeling that something is incorrect in the organic structure. The hurting in the organic structure i. e. physical hurting sends a signal to the encephalon through the spinal cords that something is incorrect therefore halting the head from working decently.

It is hence indispensable that after surgery a patient should have a good hurting control and community wellness service to enable him or her to reconstruct his wellness. Effective hurting direction is hence considered by nurses as portion of recovery because it when it is good controlled it speeds up the procedure of mending and cut down complications that a individual may see as a consequence of surgery ( Endo. 2004. pp. 240-245 ) . Environment The milieus in which persons live do impact the activities performed in that peculiar environment.

Nurses do necessitate an enabling environment to enable them to execute their responsibilities decently. After surgery it will for the well being of the patient to hold a contributing environment in which physical. mental. religious and societal healing is possible. The nature of the environment in which hurting control is conducted is really indispensable and should be set to suit the demands of different patients. Pain control will enable an person to experience comfy as he or she heals. acquire good faster and avoid some jobs associated with surgery.

The nurse theoretician observed was Margaret Newman who besides came up with a nursing theory of wellness as an spread outing consciousness which requires every individual to happen the significance of life and happen connexions with other people in the remainder of the universe. Harmonizing to Margaret. wellness means increasing consciousness. She put frontward that the function of a nurse is to place the life style of an person so that the nurse can work within that life style to assist the single achieve the ends of his or her life.

Newman’s theory includes the wellness of every single irrespective of the status of illness i. e. whether sick or good ( Desai. 1996 ) . Jean on the other manus developed a lovingness theory which involves the lovingness actions taken by nurses in their interaction with the patients. The caring theory involves the deep regard offered to patients by the nurses for the enigmas of life and the ability of the patients to alter their life styles. Watson’s caring theory besides requires a nurse to assist the patients to get ego control. cognition and mending non sing their wellness conditions.

The difference that exists between my beliefs on Newman’s theory and Watson’s caring theory is that Newman’s theory was focused on assisting every individual whether in the absence or presence of illness to understand his or her position. It focused on the accommodations that a nurse should set to guarantee that a individual meets his or her demands. Watson on the other manus focused on caring for the patients. esteeming them and assisting them to understand themselves by geting ego control. cognition and healing.

The similarity between the two theories is that both the two believe that it is the function of a nurse to guarantee appropriate life styles for different individuals whether sick or non. They both believe that a nurse should be able to place or acknowledge and accurately observe the wellness position of a individual and be able to assist that individual consequently. They believe that a nurse must come together and prosecute in an interaction so that the nurse can understand the alone life style of the individual and supply attention in a mode that fits that life style.

Finally both the beliefs involve human and nursing in the scientific discipline of nursing in order to supply desired attention to individuals. The statement of my doctrine of nursing is the belief that Good hurting control and community wellness services help reconstruct a individual after surgery. My doctrine of nursing positions nursing as both an art and a scientific discipline. It requires a nurse to understand the significance of wellness in add-on to understanding the perceptual experience of moral and ethical importance of attention. The lovingness offered by the nurses involves the application of theoretical nursing cognition. behaviour and humanity. My nursing doctrine includes health. household. coaction and disablement ( Yamashita. 1997. pp. 34-39 ) .

Decision Surgery is a really painful exercising which normally requires an immediate hurting control to halt the patient from enduring. Pain direction particularly after surgery is hence really indispensable for the well being of the patient and nurses should guarantee that it is provided to enable the patient to reconstruct his or her wellness. This is because pain control facilitates the procedure of healing of an person.


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