Physics on Injuries Essay

Harlan Hayes, University of Utah School of Medicine It should be no great surprise to find out that the most serious of injuries that occur in the back country are those that are associated when people are moving with speed. There are common sports that by their very nature require speed such as skiing where injuries don’t have to occur.

However, there are other sports that demand deliberate even delicate moves, such as rock climbing, where speed gained from a fall could be deadly.In any event, people Just don’t experience major trauma unless high velocity is involved. Three of the most common outdoor activities where injuries from high velocity occur are mountain biking, skiing and rock climbing. Mountain Bike Injuries The National Bicycle Institute of America reports that there are 52 million cyclists in America today. Bicycling is one of the fastest growing recreational and competitive activities in the U. S.

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As this sport increases in popularity, bicycling related injuries will become increasingly more common. Many in the backcountry away from traditional help


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