State universal law of gravitation Essay

State universal law of gravitation Express it mathematically. Differentiate between G’ and 91 in tabular foot’ 3) (a) What is acceleration ? Write bi unit. Velocity’ bi l)t”* velocity-time graph, when an object has (I) uniformly accelerated (it) uniformly retarded velocity. Fro” that if u Away” thrown eve*chicly update, the time of ascent is equal to the time of descent. The;;r*h . Attracts the moon.

Does the moon also attract the earth ?If it does, why does tare earth not move towards the moon ? 6) A bullet of mass g is fired with a velocity of 400 m/s from a gun of mass 4 keg’ What is -ћsledge recoil velocity of the gun ? Acts. 6*Fri.; *Jar-ћ z soot the; direction in which domino Write an expression for it. Is the ? Why and the weight of aerobatic same on the earth ABA as one of ifs diameter’ A 8) e calculi chase a circumference of LOLL m with scooters moves frown A to B long the circular path with a uniform speed of 5 ml’ Find the: (b) displacement of the scooters (Given=3. 4), (a) distance covered “terrorist, (c) time taken by the scooters in reaching from A to B. Find : (a) the O) a man throws a ball of mass 0. 5 keg ,”ref”u[y upward with a velocity of. ?-S m/ s.

Of the maximum TFTP ball at the half way mark outfit momentum of the bat (b) *orient USSR height (given g=LO m/s’) back to 10) A body thrown in the vertically upward. Affection rises Upton,a high-at-ћh” and come (b) the* the position of its start.Calculate (u) the* total distance traveled by the body and displacement of the body. Under what condition will the magnitude of the displacement be equal to the distance traveled by u object ? Fill friar& is having a higher value of numerator – A bullet of mass 10 g moving with a velocity of mm/s or a civet bait of mass 4009 thrown with the speed of 90 km/try ? Physics Paper By Henrietta


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