Physics Quality of Measurement Coursework Essay

Quality of measurement Write Up Wire This diagram shows how we carried out our experiment, by connecting 2 wires to the ohmmeter and attached the wires to the samples we used in our experiment.

Preliminary Experiment At first in our preliminary experiment my group and me decided to use an ohmmeter instead of a millimeter. We did this as we thought it would make it easier for us to record our results. These are the results we got from our preliminary experiment: Length (mm) +1- MIM I Diameter (pm)+/- 1 pm There were uncertainties in our experiment.Diameter = 3.

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3% for 30 pm 2. 2% for 45 pm Length = 0. 5% Resistance = 8. 3% for 1.

2 Q 12. 5% for 0. 8 Q Evaluation of our Preliminary Experiment The whole point of our preliminary experiment was to see after doing it, what improvements could be made for the main experiment. The results we gathered show that there must have been some sort of error as there was a different resistance for the same material. From our preliminary experiment, it was clear that there were improvements to be made for our main experiment.

Improvements One of the main things that we could improve was getting an average of our results.As we only got one set of results this meant that our results were not very reliable, as we had not repeated the experiment. In our main experiment we had to make sure that we repeated our experiment at least 3 times so that we could calculate the average for the results. Another way that we could improve is that we could have used measuring apparatus measurements but also the precision. One more way in which we could have improved was that, we could check whether the electronic equipment we were using were not faulty and fully functioning, we could do this by doing the experiment using different equipment and see what exults come from it.Errors in our investigation One of the main sources of error was due to our ohmmeter not being able to give more precise results, these more precise results being to more decimal places.

If our ohmmeter was able to give the reading to more decimal places it would have made our results much more precise. Another error was that the wires was not fully stretched out when we were measuring their lengths, meaning the uncertainties could be even higher than what they are. The smaller the scale that was used, the closer our result would be to the true value. Main Experiment Diagram of circuit used in our main experiment:


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