Physics: Questions and Answers Essay

Tutorial -1 1. Round off the following number to three significant figures a) 4. 65735 m b) 55. 578 s c) 4555 N d) 2768 keg NAS: 4.

66 m, 55. 6 s, 4. 56 an, 2. 77 MGM 2. Represent each of the following quantities in the correct SSL form using an appropriate prefix: Two particles have a mass of 8 keg and 12 keg respectively. If the distance between them is mm, determine the force of gravity acting between them. Compare this result with the weight of each particle.

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NAS: 10 an, 78.N, 118 N 6. Determine the mass of an object that has a weight of a) man b) 1 50 an c) 60 MN. Express the answer to three significant figures. NAS: 2. 04 g, 15. 3 MGM, 6.

12 Egg 7. Using the base unit of the SSL system, show that F = Gum mm/re is a homogeneous equation which gives F in Newton. Determine to three significant figures the gravitational force acting between two particles. The mass of each particles is 200 keg and distance between is 600 mm. NAS: 7. 41 PAN


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