Physics Questions Revision Essay

A helicopter drops a supply package to flood victims on a raft on a swollen river. When the package is released the helicopter is mm directly above the raft flying at mm/s at an angle of 36. 90 above horizontal. **Note: assume the raft does not move. A) What is the vertical component of the packages initial velocity? B) How long is the package in the air? C) What is the acceleration of the package when it reaches its maximum height? D) How far from the raft does the package land? E) If the helicopter flies with a constant velocity how far from the raft will the electric be when the package lands? .

State Keeper’s three Laws drawing all appropriate diagrams. 3. A pilot flies his plane in a vertical loop of radius mm at such a speed that at the top of his flight he feels no force from either the seat or the seat belt. A) At what speed is the plane flying at this instant? B) If his speed then increases to mm/s by the time he reaches the bottom of the loop, what force does he experience from the seat? Take his mass as keg. 4. A mass is vibrating with Simple Harmonic Motion. Its amplitude of vibration in mm ND it is oscillating with a period of vibration of sec.

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If it experiences a restoring force of 1 AN at its extremes find the mass which is vibrating. 5. An object A with a mass of 1 Keg and moving with a velocity of 4. Mm/s to the right strikes a glancing blow on object B which is initially at rest. After the collision, object A is moving at right angles to its original direction at 3. Mm/s.

A) What is the magnitude of momentum of B after the collision? B) In what direction is B moving after the collision? C) If B has a mass of 5. Egg, what was its velocity after the collision? D) If the time of impact was 0. s what is the magnitude of the average force exerted on B during the collision? For Questions 6 – 9 Use the data shown below in Table 1: Table 1: equator in 1979. A) What is the period of revolution of its orbit?


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