Physics Rubber Powered Car Essay

The second trial of our car is 0.

92 m for 5. 76 s. It went further. The third trial of our car is 0. 58 m for 3.

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59 s. It decreased in time and distance. The fourth trial of our car is 0.

71 m for 5. 60 s. It went further again. The fifth trial of our car is 2. 35 m for 13. 44 s it went further and the time sped up.

Forces acting on the car while at rest: Forces acting on the car while in motion: Conclusion and Recommendation: How does the design of a “rubber-powered car” maximize its forward while minimizing backward forces to achieve distance and speed?The length of the rubber band and the thickness of it affects the forward force of the car, the shorter and thicker it is, it makes the car faster and the wheels reduces the backward force when the rear wheels are bigger. Recommendations on how to improve the design of the car for better performance. We must use a thicker rubber band because if we use thinner ones it tends to break more. And always use recycled materials to stay CEO-friendly. Financial Statement Materials: Price Recycled PH 20. 00 PH 1.

00 per piece PH 50. 00 PH 30. 00 one pack PH 5. 00


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