Physics Worksheet Essay

Suppose you are in a dark room. Can you see the objects in the room? Can you see the objects outside the room? Explain your answer Q.

Write the two laws of reflection. Q. Write two differences between diffused and regular reflection. Q. Write whether in each case diffused or regular reflection takes place. A) Wood b) Polished surface c) Mirror d) Marble surface e) Chalk powder Q. What is the angle of reflection if the angle between the incident ray and the reflected ray is 90? Q.Give one word for the following: 1.

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The invisible energy which causes in use the sensation of vision. 2. The ray of light which travels towards a mirror. 3. A line which is drawn at right angles to the mirror surface at the point of incidence.

4. Name one type of mirror which always forms virtual image. 5. What type of image is formed on the cinema screen? 6. Which cells on the retina respond to the intensity of light? 7.

The part of the eye which preserves its shape and protects it from external injuries. 8. The phenomenon due to which we can Judge depth. The most sensitive part of the retina. Q.

Fill in the blanks : 1. The point at which the incident ray falls on the mirror is called 2. If a ray of light is incident on a plane mirror at an angle of 300, its angle of reflection is and

The image of our face in a plane mirror is an image. 5. The distance of the image behind the plane mirror is light. to the distance of the object in front of it.

6. The presence of cells on the retina helps us to see in dim SECTION B 1.Define the following: a) Electrolyte b) Cathode c) Anode d) Sons 2.

What is electroplating? 3. Give some examples of good conductors and poor conductor liquids – a) Good Conductor liquids I) Distilled water is glows due to b) Poor conductor liquids 4. Fill in the blanks: – of electricity.

Effect of electric current layer of any desired metal on another material by I’) Bulb gets heated and iii) The process of depositing a means of electricity is called and ‘v) Most liquids that conduct electricity are . 5. Give three examples of electroplating.


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