Pick and Place Surveillance Robot Essay

Robots which can perform desired tasks in unstructured environments without continuous human guidance. Many kinds of robots are autonomous to some degree. Different robots can be autonomous in different ways. A high degree of autonomy is particularly desirable in fields such as space exploration, where communication and delays and interruptions are unavoidable. Robot Pick And Place Projects main idea is to develop a application which can reach places where humans cannot reach like space, hidden places, small tunnels.

This Robot runs with human guidance. In this Robot pick and place application two servers motors are used to control the robot. Micro controller user’s kinematics algorithms to maintain position control on the motors. PWM channels of micro controller and MOSFET based power amplifiers and power transistors are used to control motors. Control of the robotic arm has been achieved successfully by using servo motors or dc motors. The microcontrollers implement inverse kinematics algorithms and implement position control on the motors.

The motors are actuated using the internal PWM channels of the microcontroller and MOSFET based power amplifiers or power transistors or driver circuits. The robotic arm also has the provision of being controlled. The end effecter is a two finger gripper. The robotic arm has a load bearing capacity of around 500gms. The device has its own in-built logic and all the movements of the device are controlled by the motors. The operating speed of the pick up arm can be varied to suit the requirement. For a robot it is obviously important that it can operate from batteries.

Since the microcontroller runs with 5V the motors also must work with 3-5V. They must also not take too much current otherwise the batteries and the control circuit will get too big and heavy. For this design we use an integrated motor driver chip, called l293d. The l293d motor driver chip can drive peak loads up to 0. 5A. The motors should therefore need less than 0. 5A under worst conditions. This robot is developed with two motors which make it more generic about hardware. All the logic is implemented in the software. That means by changing the software you can change almost everything as you like.


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