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Newsmap2A No. the purpose of the intelligence collector is to be biased because what they are showing in the web site is the colored form of intelligence information and presentation.2B Harmonizing to them ( the proprietors of the web site ) .

“it [ the website ] is thought to ironically stress the prejudice of it [ intelligence ] ” ( Newsmap ) . They are biased in that they are demoing the colored forms of intelligence information and presentation by demoing the implicit in connexions and relationships between spots and pieces of intelligence information and seting them wholly to show a tree map.
Date of Access: Saturday. March 29.

2008 – 7:48 A. M4A U. S.

Nation: Suspect Arrested in Virginia Highway Shootings4AA The alleged individual responsible for the Highway Shootings in the province of Virginia was arrested by the state’s constabulary section. Reports have confirmed that the suspect is a 19-year-old who is confronting a condemnable instance due to another shot that happened the twenty-four hours before that in Waynesboro. Slade Allen Woodson is besides the remarkable suspect in the main road shots in Charlottesville where six vehicles were hit and two people obtained minor hurts. Prior probe led the constabulary to follow a vehicle that was seen in surveillance tapes at the scene of the offense to be owned by Woodson. ( Grynbaum )

Date of Access: Saturday. March 29.

2008 – 10:01 AM4B U. S. Business: American to Resume Normal Schedule4BB Due to review and fixs. American Airlines.

Inc. was forced to call off some of their flights yesterday. The air hose conducted fixs for four of the planes yesterday forenoon and continued general plane reviews in the afternoon. Harmonizing to the air hose representative. about half of the 300 planes needed alterations. Delta Airlines. Inc. has besides completed plane reviews ; nevertheless.

they finished earlier than American leting them to continue with their Friday flight agenda. Southwest Airlines Co. and American Eagle besides conducted the same review earlier than the aforesaid two. The review is portion of the FAA’s plan of aircraft safety cheques. ( East Bay Business Times )

Date of Access: Saturday. March 29. 2008 – 12:22 Autopsy4C U. S.

Technology: Shuttle Crew Reflects on Marathon Mission4CC The spacemans from the infinite bird Endeavor has landed Earth last Wednesday dark. The said mission. composed of seven spacemans. was the longest shuttle expedition. The spacemans shared their gratifying experiences while they were still in the bird and besides their trip to Earth and their landing after remaining for such a long clip in infinite. They all agreed that they find it hard to set to the gravitation here on Earth.

Aside from their old disclosures. they besides revealed their experiences while they were still in infinite. ( Malik )

Date of Access: Saturday. March 29.

2008 – 10:05 AM4D U. S. Health: U. S. to Study Drug for Suicide Links4DD The alleged connexion between Singulair and suicide stirred up probe in the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) . Singulair is merchandise manufactured by Merck. which markets itself for allergic reactions and asthma. Due to legion onslaughts on the side effects of the drugs.

Merck has placed great attempts in repackaging their merchandise in order to include about several side effects. hazards involved. anxiousness and depression. etc. in the drug’s literature. The FDA focused on the instance every bit shortly as they received legion studies from people who have used Singulair and have experienced unsafe side effects. The consequences of the survey will be known after nine months of probe.

( The Associated Press )

5 I can non assist but believe about the political relations involved between concern advertisement and the media. In the article “American to Resume Normal Schedule. ” at that place seems to be significant grounds that proves the nexus between concerns and media. From the rubric of the article itself. the article is supposed to be informing the populace of the flight agendas in the American Airlines. Inc. Furthermore. the article is supposed to uncover why there were flight cancellations and the company should hold used the media chance to apologise for any incommodiousnesss that they might hold caused to the populace.

These. I think. should hold been the content of the article because of its rubric. and because of the demand to inform the populace about the issues behind the flight cancellations.However. the article was used as an advertisement scheme for the aircraft concern.

particularly the Oakland International Airport ( OIA ) . First. three air hoses who serve OIA were mentioned in the article ; particularly their attempts to adhere to the safety cheque plans of the FAA.

Second. despite added information that the FAA is carry oning safety cheques for all major air hoses. merely the air hoses that are connected with OIA were mentioned. Third. since Southwest Airlines Co. is the most dominant bearer among the three doing it the most bankable air hose. it is merely strategic to market other air hoses. such as the American Airlines.

Inc. Thus. the rubric and that feeling that it is seeking to exudate.

6 Yes. in a political society. being cognizant of the intelligence and current events is of import.

6A Establishing from my response to the article about American Airlines. Inc. and advertisement.

being cognizant of all the current information that is traveling on presents is really of import. particularly when looking at a peculiar issue in a 360-degree angle. because it is instrumental in reading between the lines and understanding what is truly traveling in society. Through the intelligence.

people are able to see the political relations there is in all facets of society.Buzztracker7A The primary aim of Buzztracker is to use planetary intelligence releases to show an illustration of locations that are interrelated. Although topographic points in the universe are separated by distance. the buzztracker shows their connexion through a diagram and through the intelligence that these states portion. ( Buzztracker )7B Date Accessed: Saturday. March 29. 2008: 12:25 AutopsyMost Outstanding Location: Washington

7C The intelligence event that brings Washington to the head is the issue published by Express India.

wherein it advocated the support the Bush disposal should give to the new Pakistani authorities. For some. this would somehow alleviate rough judgements on the U.

S. authorities by its relationship with old Pakistani president. which was tainted with dishonesty and scruples. The Bush administration’s ability to tilt towards democracy and aid Pakistan could alter how people see the U.

S. authorities.7D The buzztracker is a great aid in understanding the significance of one location to others. It keeps people on path about the planetary community and gives them a clear apprehension of what is go oning in society by associating it to external state of affairss outside the state. The top Location is important in universe personal businesss it enters the intelligence because of the important function it is playing the universe.

Washington is the place of the U. S. authorities.

which we all know is active and influential in about all parts of the universe.Plants CitedThe Associated Press. ( 28 March 2008 ) .

“U. S. to Study Drug for Suicide Links. ” Retrieved fromThe New York Times Company.

29 March 2008. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nytimes. com/2008/03/28/business/28merck.

hypertext markup language? _r=1 & A ; ref=business & A ; oref=slogin & gt ; .
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” Retrievedfrom the American City Business Journals. Inc. 29 March 2008. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

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Grynbaum. Michael.

M. ( 29 March 2008 ) . “Suspect Arrested in Virginia Highway Shootings. ”Retrieved from The New York Times Company. 29 March 2008. & lt ;hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nytimes. com/2008/03/29/us/29cnd-virginia.

hypertext markup language? _r=1 & A ; ref=us & A ; oref=slogin & gt ;

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& lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. marumushi. com/apps/newsmap/newsmap. cfm & gt ; .


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