Political Science Final Essay

Mushrooms have been portion of spiritual rites for 1000s of old ages ago in the early folk of Central America and Mexico ( Health Education. 2008 ) . Psilocybin is extracted from psilocin mexicana mushrooms and other genus related mushroom species or unnaturally prepared in the drug research lab ( Health Education. 2008 ) . Chemically.

it is related with lysergic acid diethylamide and normally known as “shrooms” . “psychedelic mushrooms” . or “magic mushrooms” ( Health Education. 2008 ) .Historically. for Indians in the Southern and Central America. psilocybin-containing mushrooms were sacred mushrooms and regarded as a agency to the universe of the liquors. At present clip.

Psilocybe mushrooms are widely available in fresh and dried signifiers that are normally ingested. chopped or brewed in tea ( Health Education. 2008 ) . Generally. psilocin users experience prickling physical esthesiss. mild euphoria and increased music ocular esthesiss and music sensitiveness ( Health Education.

2008 ) . Literature Review Brief HistorySculptures and human-like mushroom humanistic disciplines were prevailing during 1000-500 BC ( Freeman. 2004 ) . It was inferred that these artefacts have spiritual deductions. As direct grounds.

13th century manuscript of Codex Vienna Mixtec proved the use of sacred mushroom in spiritual rites ( Freeman. 2004 ) . The “Seven Flowers” was known as Mixtec God of hallucinatory workss represented through an image with a brace of mushrooms in custodies ( Freeman.

2004 ) . Besides. Aztec believed that traveling from earthly to super natural kingdoms back and Forth was possible under the power of entheogen. the Prince of Flowers.This was called “the flowery dreams” by the Aztec and ascribed to hallucinatory effects of the sacred mushrooms ( Freeman.

2004 ) . In relation to this. Gordon Wasson personally witnessed the “velada” session led by curandera Maria Sabina at the Mazatec small town in Huatla de Jimenez. This “velada” session is a spiritual ceremonial affecting the thaumaturgy mushroom ( Freeman. 2004 ) . Pharmacological Properties Mushrooms with hallucinatory effects are of course cultivated in the cow grazing lands and Fieldss of the southeasterly and northwesterly parts of the United States ( Freeman. 2004 ) .The most common of all these mushrooms is Psilocybe mushroom incorporating psychotropic substances.

The root of psilocybin-containing mushrooms are slight and long with caps holding underside dark gills. While the caps of fresh mushroom are dark brown along the borders. white or light brown cardinal portion topped in whitish-gray or white roots.

dried mushrooms are rusty brown with scattered milky parts ( National Drug Intelligence Center. 2006 ) . In 1958 Dr. Albert Hoffman. the lysergic acid diethylamide inventor. identified psilocin and psilocybin as the active constituents of Psilocybe mushroom ( Freeman. 2004 ) .

Approximately four to ten mgs per gm of this mushroom is its mean psilocybin component ( Freeman. 2004 ) . In add-on. psilocin is classified as hallucinogenic drugs typically found in the United States. South American parts.

and Mexico ( National Drug Intelligence Center. 2006 ) . This mushroom contains trace sum of psilocybin and 0. 2 % to 0. 4 % of psilocin ( National Drug Intelligence Center. 2006 ) . Further.

psilocin was reported as a really stable substance that can last even for 150 old ages in a sample mushroom ( Freeman. 2004 ) .


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