Politics and Governance and the New Constitution Sample Essay

Aims: At the terminal of the session.

the pupils are expected to:1. determine and place the nature and circumstance that make a Filipino citizen2. understand the makings and disqualifications of the right to suffrage3. explicate the nature.

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range. and rules underlying the right of persons to vote 4. acquaint themselves with the rules on citizenship. nature. constructs and legal bases5.

cognize and understand the rights and duties of citizenship| TEXTBOOKS. REFERNCES. URL’S: * Textbook on the Filipino Constitution.

2011 edition by Hector De Leon * Student Manual on the 1987 Fundamental law by Jose Nolledo * Primer on the 1987 Fundamental law by the Military officers of the 1986 Constitutional Commission| STUDY GUIDE PROPER: The Meaning of Citizenship and CitizenCitizenship is a term denoting rank of a citizen in a political societyCitizen is a individual holding the rubric of citizenshipKinds of Citizens under the Constitution1. Natural-born a. one who at the minute of their birth are already citizens of the Philippinesb. do non hold to execute any act to get his Philippine citizenship.Citizens at the clip of the acceptance of the new Constitution.

They refer to those who are considered citizens of the Philippines under the 1973 Fundamental law at the clip of the acceptance of the new Constitution. 3. Citizens through election. They refer to those who born of Filipino female parents before January 17. 1973 who upon making the age of bulk elect Philippine citizenship after the confirmation of the 1973 Constitution. 4.

Naturalized Citizen They refer to those who were originally citizens of another state. but who. by an intervening act have acquired new citizenship in another state.

Citizenship Loss and ReacquiredA Filipino citizen may loss his citizenship in any of the following:1. Voluntarilya. by naturalizationb.

by renunciationc. by subscribing to an curse of commitment andd. by rendering service to the armed forces of another2. Involuntarilya. by cancellation of his of his certification of naturalisation andb. by being a apostate in the Phil.

Armed Forces. Reacquisition of Lost Citizenship1. by naturalisation provided there is no disqualification2. by repatriation and3. by direct act of the CongressEffects of matrimony to an alienIt is under subdivision 4 Article IV.

The exclusion is where “by their act or skip they are deemed. under the jurisprudence. to hold renounced their citizenship. Double Allegiance of CitizenNote that what subdivision 5 prohibits is non double citizenship but double commitment of citizens. While it is non per Se objectionable. the position of double citizenship may be regulated or restricted by jurisprudence where it is contributing or could take to double commitment.

Two rules regulating citizenship by birth1. Jus sanguinis ( Blood relationship ) 2. Jus soli or jus venue ( topographic point of birth ) The Meaning of SuffrageSuffrage is the right and duty to vote of qualified citizens of certain national and local election. Qualifications: Age and residenceOther substantial demands prohibitedDisqualifications:1. any individual who has been sentenced by concluding judgement to endure imprisonment for non less than one twelvemonth. 2.

any individual who has been adjudged by concluding judgement by competent tribunal for the offense of disloyalty to the duly constituted like rebellion. sedition. misdemeanor of the anti corruption Torahs or any offense against national security | Evaluation: ( Make this rating in your notebook and submit it as scheduled. ) 1. Differentiate natural to established – citizen to citizenship and jus sanguinis to jus soli. How can one get. lost and reacquire his citizenship? Explain the other substantive demands which are prohibited in the exercising of right to vote.

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