Polly Curtis argues that the, Internet Generation has left parents behind Essay

Polly Curtis argues that the, “Internet Generation has left parents behind”.

She informs us about how children these days spend six hours a day in front of the screen and how they have become so influenced by the media. She exaggerates on how young people spend their lives in front of the television without giving any attention to their parents.To begin her argument, she uses, “Internet Generation leave parents behind” as her headline. She uses a metaphor which is very effective. This is because she wanted to show us how much devotion children have given to the internet. It draws attention to the readers and makes people think and want to know more. If she were to use a straight forward headline, it wouldn’t be appealing to the readers.She uses facts to begin her article in order to show the readers that she knows what she is talking about by proving her points through facts “This year has been a major boost to the intensity and the independence with which children approach online activities”.

This is a good way to simplify her article because she wants to show the readers that she is not making any of the information up.Then she uses alliteration and a metaphor for example, “Building Barriers between parents and children”. She is indirectly saying that children lost their social life with their parents and are not giving any attention to the people around them. This metaphor she used is; again, perfect to prove her point because the quote building barriers really gives the readers a clear picture of the separation between parents and children.She uses statistics to support her argument such as, “30% say they have a blog and 62% have a profile on a social networking site”. She says this to make the readers get a sense of reliability because it clarifies that it is a fact.She uses hyperbole to confirm how children tend to rely on computer only, “The computer is the single thing they couldn’t live without”.

She uses hyperbole because it proves what technology has done to the young generation. It has broken many relationships between parents and children. She uses it because it repeatedly reminds us that children are using the internet for so many hours, without giving a rest but by giving the excuse of doing homework on the computer.Curtis does overstress on some level how children use the internet for a long period of time. She could have done a better job by using more shock tactics as a replacement of repetition and facts. Imperatives could have been useful to make the readers think they can do something to help solve this problem.To finalise, Polly Curtis has done a brilliant job in supporting her argument.

This concludes her whole argument by making the readers feel the impact of technology it has left on the children. I strongly concur that teenagers do spend too long on the internet this includes, “Girls take game consoles to bed at night”. This has became a vast issue and I contemplate it’s about time that something should happen about this matter.


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