Poor Planning & Its Effects Sample Essay

1. Management is defined as the procedure of organizing and incorporating work and activities so that they are completed expeditiously and efficaciously with and through other people. Broadly talking direction can besides be defined as the activity in which directors are involved. While the occupation of no two directors is likewise. research workers and direction authors have developed some specific classification strategies to depict the activity in which directors are involved. Traditionally a manager’s occupation has been classified harmonizing to the four maps of direction.

These are: – * Planning* Forming* Leading* Controling2. Planning is the direction map that involves the procedure of specifying ends. set uping schemes for accomplishing ends and developing programs to incorporate and organize activities. 3. Benjamin Franklin says.

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“If you fail to be after you plan to fail” . The importance of planning and that to seasonably be aftering can non be over emphatic. Research workers and modern direction theoreticians have been seeking to set up a relationship between success and planning since long. While much has been said and written about the effects of good and sound be aftering 1 must besides cognize the effects of hapless planning. This article chiefly focuses on the assorted facets of hapless planning. However. before brooding upon the effects of hapless be aftering it is of import to understand the significance of hapless planning.

Poor planning means when a director fails to specify ends or aims. set up schemes for accomplishment of ends and is unable to develop programs to incorporate and organize activities. Effectss of Poor Planning: –

( a ) . Poor be aftering refers to the manager’s inability or failure to specify ends or aims. Success is measured in footings of the attainment of ends and aims nevertheless if one is unaware of what he/she is endeavoring for than success becomes immaterial.

Columbus was able to detect America merely because he had defined a end. Weather he achieved his end or non is a separate narrative and is non of relevancy here. nevertheless what is of import is the fact that Columbus strived for something one time he knew what he was taking for. If one knows where he is headed merely so will he make the finish. To make a finish non merely should one be cognizant of the finish but more of import is that there should be a finish. ( B ) . While specifying ends and aims is of import specifying ends and aims suitably is besides really important. Poor be aftering consequences in puting up in-appropriate aims or programs.

Inappropriate aims cause the organisation to direct its attempts in the incorrect waies. or to set in excessively much or excessively small attempts. Unless there is lucidity about the aims the likeliness of the organisation to accomplish the coveted ends is really distant. ( B ) Poor planning drains the energy degree of even the noblest of employees. Enthusiasm is of import nevertheless even the most enthusiastic employee can non last under the construction of hapless planning. Behavioral theoreticians suggest that human existences rarely plan to neglect. nevertheless they fail to continually program and re-plan. It takes bravery and strong belief to re-plan.

It takes a combination of leading and direction to do advancement on implementing common ends.


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