Portfolio Management and Strategic Management Paper Essay

The portfolio direction construct is critical to back uping an organization’s mission and ends. Portfolio direction will find which undertakings will be pursued when the budget or resources are limited. Organizations sometimes find that they have many undertakings they would wish to finish but there will be times that it is non possible. Portfolio direction will reexamine the undertakings that non merely are being worked on but besides review any possible pending undertakings and find if there is money and resources to go on. They will so prioritise undertakings and extinguish any that are determined incorrect for the organisation.

Harmonizing to Kerzner. H. ( 2013 ) . portfolio direction focuses attending at a more aggregative degree. Its primary aim is to place. select. finance. proctor and keep the appropriate mix of undertakings and enterprises necessary to accomplish organisational ends and aims. Project direction focuses on a peculiar undertaking that has already been recognized by portfolio direction as a undertaking that will back up the mission and ends of the organisation.

Portfolio direction will besides be looking at what funding will be available for each undertaking and besides be looking out for the right mixture of undertakings. It wouldn’t be in the organisations best involvement to merely back up undertakings that would be geared towards one end of the organisation. They need to do certain that they are looking at every end or mission and equilibrating out the undertakings.

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There can be issues with portfolio direction. In project direction we have discussed utilizing the experts in the organisation to assist with the planning and in many instances the execution of a undertaking. With portfolio direction the 1s doing the determinations may non hold the expertness. cognition and information and therefore could make up one’s mind a undertaking isn’t a good pick when in fact it should be considered. There could be struggles. involuntariness to portion. differences in idea every bit good as certain section truenesss that may do wrong determinations.

Strategic direction refers to direction who are goals-oriented in which the mission and planned accomplishments of an organisation are clearly set out and all direction procedures are designed and monitored toward making the organization’ overall ends. ( “What Is Strategic Management” . 2011 ) . A mission statement within the organisation will put the ends of the organisation.

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