Potchi Android Game Essay

Introduction Decades In time that the computer system is being developed in the 20th century, people all over the world equip themselves with computer to be able to gain knowledge from it. Computer has placed a role in developing knowledge from any fields. Computer is being used to research, weather forecast, news and current affairs, source of knowledge, fashion, trends/ issues and enjoyment.Though this widespread of technology, the computer has been improve where it incorporates with the in demand nowadays are the tablets, thousands, and mini ads. Most of these tablets are powered Android SO system that is used to be able to execute the android programs. In years there are several versions of operating system which are now used to execute the tablets, smoothness and android phones. In line with this, several android applications are being developed running to the tablets. Most are for gaming, application system, knowledge base system and data processing.

Background of the Study Android tablets, smoothness and touched are very in demand in today’s generation, People are all having this kind of gadgets not Just to personal and cuisines but it also lessen the boredom from work and daily stressful life. Enjoyment which might carried from the use of this gadgets and maintaining to use as a stress and boredom relievers. Games are one of the attractive features that the android tablets, smoothness and touch pad have. The different version, styles and story of games makes the common user curious to explore and enjoy from it.From the famous faceable game CANDY Crush, tablet games Plants versus Zombies, Temple run, Bubble Mania, and Angry Birds, people get to explore and download games that might fits to their needs to lessen the boredom. The group would like to develop an App for tablets to be able to provide a continuous storyline program that will keep the user continuously playing from it. A story line gaming APS which aims to gain scores from it, as the user interacts with the game.

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Since player is been dealing with the story line, the interactive features, and graphics might help to be able to generate a good gaming output.Most of the gaming APS of today’s make use of the scoring, making the cutest outfits and changing it, making challenging for the gamer to think and create moves from it. Pet games is also in the abele APS nowadays, pet games are a games that might have to be challenging to the user to take care of the pets as well us feed them, spoil the pets and feed it. This type of games have attracted the user because of the involvement of sense of feeling too and sense of responsibility. The pitch app is gaming software used to develop by the team to improve a games responsibility to pet through the use of this software.This also aims to provide a continuous story line to the user of the app that might lead them to be challenged to play it day by day.

Scoring to the game moves to he user is very good, where it might be all gained objectively. Theoretical Framework Android applications are one of the continuously fast growing application software nowadays. In year 2003, when the idea of mobile terminals was developed, in this aims to developed for the mobile industry which was more highly customizable, lightweight and responsive and free with open source operating system.Internet place a very important role in influencing the system develops in terms of computer applications program. Several phases of computer program has been developed, from a simple games, to RPG (role playing games), brain twisting games re most in demand gaming software which are now incorporated with the mobile interfacing values. Another who is now continuously wide spreading is the mobile and android up for fashion, accessories and hairstyle. Internet has been used to be able to address the need of the common users and researcher.

The wide use of internet for research of important topic, documents, history, entertainment, weather forecast and including fashion are one of the latest uses of computer application. And the involvement of the android applications will lead to the implementation of different android games, which leads to popularize the lawns vs.. Zombies, and the angry birds. As of this point most of the application are not only converted and exclusively used in the PC, but also implemented to tablets, and smart phones.


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