Power and the Glory Essay

How would you feel about yourself if you were a well-respected figure in society, but also on the run from the government? In The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene presents to the audience a priest, who one would think is perfect, but this well written novel contradicts that idea. The priest in Greene’s novel is viewed as an important, well-loved figure in society, but with his given past of treason, he begins to look down upon himself, while others still look upon him for faith.

Throughout the novel, Greene is trying to convey in the audience’s eyes a message, a message that no message, a message that no matter what the case faith will never have an end, and throughout faith, greatness is found in everybody. Introducing The Power and the Glory, Greene provides with many instances in which he tries to perceive in the audience’s eyes that faith never has an end. However, the greatest example comes in the closure of the novel. “‘If you would let me come in,’ the man said with an odd frightened smile, and suddenly lowering his voice he said to the boy, ‘I am a priest’” (Greene 222).

Throughout the whole novel the priest presented by Greene as the main, protagonist character of the novel is the only priest left practicing as that given time. Despite his sinful actions others still looked upon him for faith. These actions also symbolized the never ending idea of faith. Here when the priest died, another priest reappeared, and despite the fact that there was only one priest practicing, Greene proved to us that after everything the one thing that never ends is faith.

Moreover, along with faith comes the greatness found in others. Greene depicts that no matter how low one may think of oneself, there is still greatness others inside this person that others will find. Despite the fact that the priest is on the run form crime, he is still perceived by others as the hero of the novel, they still see the greatness in him. The priest views himself with the lowest self-esteem one could imagine, but this does not stop others from believing in him.

In this novel Greene is trying to out a message of belief, he wants others to still believe in themselves no matter how imperfect they are. Throughout, The Power and the Glory Greene provides the audience with various aspects of religion, to love, all the way to hatred, and in this process he pulls out a heroic, faithful character, who others never up believing in, even with his given circumstances. Even when this character’s faith came to an end, another took over, symbolizing that no matter what faith will never come to an end, only a new beginning every time.


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