Power Down Essay

Across the world this morning, people roll out of bed and hit the snooze button of their beeping alarms. After dragging themselves out of bed, they turn on the coffee maker, plug in the toaster, and catch up on the Channel 4 Daily News. The radio station playing Today’s Hits soon fades out the purring of their cars. Visualize America without technology none of this would be possible.

Constantly surrounded by technology, one becomes excessively dependent. With the good, technology also has a bad side. Wasted money, more laziness, and decreased quality of life are just some of the cons of technology.Firstly, technology wastes money. While some technology benefits mankind, most would waste money. Instead of donating money, using it to help a stranger or loved one, some use it on buying new gadgets the media pronounces as “cool. ” Whether Direct TV, iPods, smart phones, Xbox, PS3, or the newest gadget out there, it is a waste to constantly spend money on these worldly things.

Although they are not immoral, humans are overly dependent on them and their status, rather than God. With expensive gadgets, the bills also cost a great deal.Phones, texting, data, electricity, Internet; these are just a few of the bills I hear my parents talk about.

Even though these things simplify our lives, the money we spend on insignificant gadgets could be used for the greater good to make someone else’s life better. Technology uses money for wasteful reasons, rather than purposeful reasons. Secondly, technology promotes laziness. With the amount of technology humans have obtained, laziness is a path that many choose.

Although we use technology to help everyday life, it often is misused for laziness.For example, due to the information individuals have at their fingertips, learning has become less self-sufficient. Rather than using a dictionary or libraries, Google and auto correct commonly replace these. Instead of using these tools to an advantage, one uses it for a quick fix to a problem. Procrastination is another byproduct to technology. Technology brings many distractions.

Whether TV, Facebook, or other social media apps, it can become challenging to focus on the productive things. Procrastination is a lazy characteristic, and is hard enough without all of the disturbances.Technology fuels a lazy lifestyle. Thirdly, technology decreases quality of life.

With the many distractions, focusing on the true meaning of life becomes challenging. Obesity is just one example of how technology affects life. The obesity epidemic in America is rising – not just because of the junk food consumed – but because of technology. Technology distracts and can hold the attention of a person for hours. With distractions, one may be unable get proper exercise – which also helps prevent other illnesses.Technology can become an idol by consistently needing it.

Not to long ago, I would wake up in the morning and immediately check Facebook. After being convicted that I needed to start my dad off with Christ, I made a rule: no Facebook before nine o’clock. Whether texting, Facebook, or anything technology related, one’s focus should remain God. Technology has the ability to decrease ones quality of life. Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. As simple as it may seem, the world was created to be relished. Instead of sitting in front of the television for hours, playing on Xbox, or browsing the web, humans should live life to the fullest.

Wasted money, laziness, and reduced quality of life are all outcomes of Technology. Technology fuels laziness, procrastination, and idolatry. One could avoid falling into this way of life by focusing on more important things in life, such as: loved ones, nature, reading a real book, and God. Powering down is a great way to focus on the true meaning of life.


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