Power of Love Essay

The power of love is widely spread throughout the novel, sky burial within the characters, the married couple, Wen and kejun, the friendship between zhouma and Wen and the love between the nomads and Wen. Its incredible how Wen ignores everyone and goes in search of her missing loving husband.

Zhouma and Wen meet in Tibet and become really close friends, zhouma is wens translater and is always nearby to offer support and advice.Wen and her husband kejun, are one of the examples of what the power of love can do, they had been married for only a few months, then they were separated when kejun was sent to Tibet to fulfil his duty for the liberation army . Shortly after he left she was notified that he had been killed, although no details were given she was almost completely ignorant but determined to find the truth.

Wen decided to investigate in her husband’s disappearance, by joining in the same liberation army as he did, the search went on for a span over 30 years.The power of love they had for each other was very strong that Wen said “when I married kejun…

I pledged my life to him” (pg 19) and that if he was dead ‘she is not afraid to join him’. Kejun also felt the same way; he kept a diary and left Wen a letter explaining his love for her is infinite and that he will be waiting for her in the afterlife. The power of love is also obviously shown through the friendship of zhouma and Wen. Zhouma and Wen become close friends when Wen pleads for zhouma’s life.Zhouma shows loyalty to Wen, she translated Wen’s story of her search for kejun to the nomads.

The two women avoided talking about politics and religion so that no arguments would occur but later on they became more comfortable with each other and exchanged views. Zhouma’s always at wens side and is always offering support and sharing her pain. The power of love within their friendship was strong which led them to feel like family. The power of love in this situation is the type of family love seeing as how the nomads adopted Wen into their family. en adapted to the lifestyle, language and spirituality of the nomads and Tibetans. They accepted her Chinese background and allowed her to be one of the family members.

This type of love meant allot to Wen because she left her family and her life back in china, and now in Tibet their all she has. Overall, the power of love is widely spread throughout the novel, sky burial. The love is shown within the married couple, kejun and Wen, and the friendship between, zhouma and Wen, and lastly the love between wen and the nomads that adopted Wen in their family. ..


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