Practice Cahsee Essay

Exit Exam Practice Essay Is education important in a child’s life? Of course it is education is one of the most valuable things a person can have. Without education we wouldn’t know many things about life.

For example, history is a part of education and without knowing our history it would be hard to know where we come from. Nowadays almost all schools include subjects such as art, dance, drama, and music to help improve a child’s education. Primarily, art is a form of education in the way that it stimulates the brain to use different functions, such as imagination and creativity.Without art the world would be plain and colorless, empty.

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Art can help a person express what they feel without having to speak or say a word. In other words, in a painting a person is able to express what they feel and tell you a story. The artist reaches into the hearts of his or her audience, conveys their hearts and minds and is able to take them into their world just by one painting. Furthermore, art is like a language that can only be spoken by painting instead of speaking like English does. by looking at a painting people are able to read and feel what the artist felt as he was painting it just like in writing.Therefore, art is important to education because it is another way of speaking our minds to others and letting them feel what we have felt through the painting. Secondly, dancing is also a very vital source of education.

Through dancing you can teach a person the different ways the brain can function by directing your body to move certain body parts. The study of how the brain can move faster than we believe it can is very interesting and by having dancing as one of the sources for education the person is able to see it happen. Also dancing can help someone reduce stress


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