Practicing Report Essay

It is in JINXIU travel bureau that I have my pattern. There are six sections and I was in two sections: treatmemt section and ticket section. My occupation is having invitees in the office and telling plane ticket for costomers. and some times I besides answered the phone. assisting visitants understand going path of travel bureau or taking tickets for them. Because touristry is a service industry. so I want to larn how to pass on with different Peoples and larn some concern about travel bureau.

Must pay attending to others’ every action and every motion. must larn the accomplishment which converses with the visitant. This is I learns the most utile experience in the travel bureau. Through this experience. I received some cognition we must understand foremost as follows. First. I ought to kown the going place’s inside and outside traffic and the environment protection. Second. the travel agency’s service ordinances and direction tips. Third. the travel agency’s nature and direction concern and direction theoretical account.

Travel bureau is the professoinal organazation which provides going service for people. Since the professioal nature. the touristry is the service industry. It provides meal. hotel. path etc service. Service atitude is really of import in touristry. You ought to smile to every individual in order to do them happening you are friendly. And I must endeavor for the chance. Sing this point. I have the deepness experience. Because is an intern. therefore the company can non put excessively many resources to you.

The company thought the practiceborns with is the pattern finished must return to the school tostudy. hereafter non needfully will be able in the pattern unit work. Often practised the unit to set up the work for you. could non specially learn you more things. After I entered company period oftime. I realize this inquiry. How so solves this job? Whenever after I complete the work undertaking. I all can assist other staff to handlesome fiddling affairs on ain enterprise. For illustration: Printing. typewriting. programming.

This process advantage is obtains outside other staffs’ favourable feelings. they in unconsciously halfway already relied on you. some affairs were used to it you to make. Thus. I have the chance to inquire for advice other staffs. learns more cognition. obtains more experiences. In add-on. I must work hard and serious. I found everything is non easy. I can’t do any errors when I check the plane ticket or puting a facsimile. or I can do a worse effect. And I besides should be careful for my authorship. it’s really of import to do other people understand you intending good.

From this experience. I feel sincere to every individual are so of import. if you are sincere to others. they can sincere to you excessively. Sincere is really of import to pass on with others. And whatever you do. forbearance and duty are so of import. you should be quiet down foremost and you can make it good. Each internship is a pupil must hold some experience. it enabled us to understand the societal pattern. we learned a batch in the schoolroom attending less than the cardinal cognition. but besides opened up a vision and experience. as we move farther toward the community after puting a solid foundation.

But this experience besides do me acknowledge a batch of defects for myself. It competes really earnestly between travel bureau. You non merely should take clasp of professional cognition but besides you should understand how to acquire along with different people. I find I’m deficiency of instruction and experience. It’s really different between school and societal. I feel the theory which learned in school are non the same to the work construct. That’s the ground why we are pattern. It can do me beef up and understand the cognition in category and convey up our life capableness.

I am a foreign linguistic communication professional touristry pupils and I learn in books on the direction facets of the cognition and English. it seems easy to understand. but non set into pattern. During this experience. to the unit after the internship experience trouble of how to personally stood up to the clip before aware of their cognition. abilities and experience is how the deficiency of. During the internship. I have broadened our skylines. a growing of cognition. see the barbarous competition in society. And I have to speak about something about going.

First. I found some advertizements in the newspapers and magazines published the about same paths as in the dining trip adjustment. conveyance and other more or less the same by diffenent travel bureau. because this is the same individual merchandise. Leading to large monetary value war among travel bureaus. travel bureaus are conveying down the monetary value of a line. which will necessarily take to a diminution in the quality of service. and travel bureaus besides do non desire to develop new tourer paths and touristry merchandises. as a new tourer path development requires significant fiscal resources. Spend a great cost.

And the development of the new line will be out shortly after the other transcript to utilize travel agents. this would weaken the fight of the travel bureau. so it is imperative to beef up the touristry belongings rights. non merely the protection of the right to go. but besides to consumers in general to incarnate a new surprise. Second. theguided Tourss of service quality dorpped. Tour ushers. they led a group of really rich experience. on norm. they have 2 or 3 old ages of work experience. their makings compared to other topographic points for instruction is high. circuit ushers have grounds. but most are primary or in-between degree.

High Guides did non hold Chinese as a foreign linguistic communication circuit usher for the deficiency of qualified forces. which guides the basic pay less money in general and how many figure of times a group linked to the group besides earn more. Third. The travel industry is characterized by seasonal touristry market demand for seasonal touristry formed. ensuing in travel demand due chiefly to seasonal alterations in the little tourer finish of the natural climatic conditions. touristry activity by natural clime conditions than Great.

In general. Seasonal clime conducive to pulling a big figure of leisure tourers come to see. Holiday. Bitter cold and Hot. such as bad conditions is non contributing to tourers touristry. That’s some bounds for touristry. but I believe people will work out it in future This experience makes me larn a batch of konwledge about travel bureau and society. Andmakes foundation to my work in future. So. it’s really meaningful to me.


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