Preschool Observation Essay

There is growing and development in a kid if he or she shows the necessary accomplishments or mileposts for his or her age. This essay is a instance survey of a pre-school kid. An observation was done to find whether the kid has matured intellectually. emotionally and physically with her age. The kid. who is two old ages and nine months old. was observed while she was in her drama room with her female parent one hr before her bed clip. Below is an history of the observation. The kid is kneeling on the floor and is opening a box of plaything. She places blocks and regular hexahedrons on the floor.

Her female parent joins to play with her. When her female parent asks her what she is taking out of the box. she answers. “Toys. ” After emptying the box. she chooses blocks with colourss yellow. orange and ruddy and she starts to organize objects out of it. First. she lines up the longer orange blocks. Then. she stacks these blocks together by seting shorter blocks which are colored xanthous and ruddy on top of the orange blocks. The ensuing object is like a train. Afterwards. she disassembles it and creates another object which looks like a phone and she pretends to speak to person else with it.

Following. she takes the ruddy and orange blocks and forms a square utilizing three longer blocks supported by one longer block and two shorter blocks underneath. The form is non recognized by her female parent so she asks her. to which she replies “toys. ” Then she tries to state a narrative as she makes gestures and actions and she tries to explicate but merely the words “she. ” “ride. ” and “ice cream” are apprehensible. After explicating. she says. “Look at this… These are toys… Place this here” as she places a regular hexahedron on top of the object. After a few proceedingss. a cat’s call is heard from another room.

She recognizes it and says “Cat… Cat mew. ” A small later. she gets a fabric and wipes her nose. Her female parent asks what is incorrect and she says. “Mommy. nose” to likely intend that she has a running olfactory organ. After a piece. she counts from one to ten the blocks she formed into an object. Then. her female parent asks her the colour of a block and she answers “red” but she can non acknowledge the colourss pink and blue when she was asked. After that. her female parent asks how old she is and she rapidly replies “Two” and shows her two fingers. By and by. she sees a image book. which is an Atlas for kids. on the shelf.

She points at it and articulates “Book… Read book. ” Her female parent gives her the book. She starts to turn the pages one by one and she recognizes images of a cow. Earth. H2O. stars. bird. fish. and a Canis familiaris particularly when her female parent points out a image and asks her the names for those images. Her female parent besides teaches her the names of a few of the images such as a giant and a bear. She is speedy to retrieve the image of a bear because when she was near the terminal of the book. she all of a sudden asks. “Where bear? ” and she turns back the pages of the book to happen it.

She exclaims. “It’s here! ” when she found it. Her female parent attempts to assist her turn the pages of the book but she exclaims. “Wait! ” and continues to turn the pages on her ain. There was a clip when she mentions the word “heavy” mentioning to the heavy pages of the book. She pretends to read the words written on paper and looks at the images most of the clip. Furthermore. she turns back to the pages she has already seen once more and once more. She besides recognizes images of babes because when her female parent asked her what can be seen on the page with babe images. she responds. “Baby.

” Her female parent so asks her how many babes there are and she accurately counts from one to three. Since it was about her bedtime. her female parent tells her to travel to kip. she says. “Wait. No sleep” but oscitances. Then. she stands up. says “Me slumber. ” goes to the door of her sleeping room and opens it. Once inside the sleeping room. her female parent undresses her and dresses her up for kiping. While dressing up. she tries to assist by raising her weaponries to suit to the arms of the shirt and raising her legs to set on the pyjama. After that she says. “Mommy. milk. ” So. her female parent gets her milk. gives it to her and she drinks it from a cup.

Based on the observation. the kid displays the common developmental mileposts of a two to three-year old preschool in footings of her cognitive. socio-emotional and motor accomplishments. These are enumerated below: Chiefly. the kid exhibits the undermentioned cognitive accomplishments of most biennial old kids: ( 1 ) uses more than 100 words ; ( 2 ) likes to take things apart ; ( 3 ) uses 2 to 3 word sentences ; ( 4 ) refers to self as “me” ; ( 5 ) verbalizes desires ; ( 6 ) enjoys looking at one book over and over ; ( 7 ) points to organic structure parts ( Powell & A ; Smith ) ; ( 8 ) recognizes familiar images ; and ( 9 ) asks for points by name ( Developmental Checklist ) .

Furthermore. she demonstrates what other three-year kids can make such as: ( 1 ) calling images of a book ; ( 2 ) naming at least one colour ; and ( 3 ) knowing and stating her age ( Goodbye Babyhood ) . Aside from these accomplishments. it is observed that she can acknowledge carnal sounds and she can already number from Numberss one to ten. Furthermore. the kid demonstrates the undermentioned socio-emotional accomplishments: ( 1 ) shows consciousness of parental blessing ; ( 2 ) shows independency to make things on her ain ; and ( 3 ) likes to copy grownup activities such as speaking on the phone ( Miss Independent ) .

In add-on to this. she can already execute motor accomplishments such as: ( 1 ) opening a box ; ( 2 ) edifice or stacking up little blocks ; ( 3 ) utilizing toys suitably ; ( 4 ) utilizing a cup good ; ( 4 ) dresses up with aid ( Miss Independent ) ; and ( 5 ) turning pages of a book two to three at a clip ( Developmental Checklist ) . In decision. the preschool kid who has been observed is on the right path in the growing milestones kids of her age scope develop. She has progressed in her cognitive. socio-emotional and motor accomplishments as a biennial old kid.

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