Presentation for Starbucks Essay

1.      When making presentation for Starbucks, the most important parts from these chapters are basically the four P’s of marketing that is the product, price, promotion and place. Then within these domains we can further explain other things like product features/product quality, branding, product life cycle strategies, how is pricing done and what pricing strategies are used, marketing channel, retailing, advertising and public relations and in the end the integrated marketing communication strategy. Starbucks marketing strategy is based mainly on customer satisfaction. The focus is on quality and experience rather than price.

They provide diversity in coffee with different flavors and types of coffee. They are focusing more on expansion strategy and increasing the frequency of the existing customer base. They want to defend the market share in the UK and gain profit: more outlets.2.      The company should find the value customers place on the product and that is our upper limit for the price.

Then company and product cost set the lower limit for pricing because below that price, the company will incur losses. Other internal factors include the companies overall marketing strategy, objectives and marketing mix as price is just one element of it and other organizational considerations like who should be setting the prices. External factors include nature of the market and demand, competitor’s strategies and prices and other environmental factors like political situation and economic conditions.3.      Franchising is a contractual agreement between the franchiser and the franchisee who buy the right to own and operate one or more unit of franchise system.

Place is one of the 4 P’s of marketing in which you determine where your product should be in the market as location plays a very important role in the success of the product.  Distribution is how the product is brought into the market in which different distribution channels are included for example through retailer, through whole seller.4.      Retailers and whole sellers add value to the marketing mix and consumers by performing different functions. These include providing gathering and distributing marketing research and intelligence information about market forces needed for planning and aiding exchange. Doing promotion by developing and spreading persuasive communication about an offer, contacting by finding and communicating with the prospective buyers, matching by shaping the offer to buyers needs. And finally negotiating by reaching an agreement of the price so that ownership can be transferred.5.

      It is  important for advertising media, creative department and operations department to work together because when these departments will work cohesively, then only can proper flow of information occur to help reach the product information to the target audience. If these three are not working together, then the advertising media might not know how much to spend on advertising, what kind of advertisement should be made. Creative department is very important because it develops ideas for the advertisement according to the customers values if these are not coordinated properly then it could lead to failure.6.      To motivate the sales people, the company should first provide them with automation system which helps them work more efficiently anytime anywhere.

This reduces their effort and time needed for work. Apart from this, sales people require some applause from their top management too in order to get motivated. This can be done by the organizational climate which describes the feeling that sales people have about their opportunities, value and reward for a good performance.

Also they should be given sales commission on every extra unit of sale beyond their target.7.      In industrial product, the buying behavior of the customer is complex.

In this, the after sales services are very important. Industrial products are mostly customized according to customers needs. Also these are purchased in bulk. Therefore the cost involved is high and hence the risk is also very high. Whereas the consumer products are mostly standardized except certain items like designer cloths. The buying decision in consumer products can range from habitual to complex. A lot of emotions are involved in buying consumer products.

And after sales services are not as important as in industrial product and are also purchased in large quantity.8.      The eight major steps in new product development are idea generation, idea screening, concept development and testing, marketing strategy development, business analysis, product development, test marketing and commercialization. Idea generation is the systematic search for a new product idea. After idea generation, you do idea screening in which you select good ideas and drop poor ones.

Then the product idea is converted into a product concept which is a detailed version of the new product idea stated in meaningful consumer terms. Then that concept is tested to find out the consumer appeal regarding it. Marketing strategy is then developed based on the new product concept as to how it will be produced priced and marketed. Business analysis is next in which sales, costs and profit projections are reviewed. After this the product development occurs and prototypes are made. Theses prototypes are then tested in the market in a limited scale. If successful then full scale production or commercialization takes place.9.

      A push strategy involves pushing the product to the consumers through marketing channels. The marketing activities (primarily personal selling and trade promotions) are directed towards the channel members who include retailers, whole sellers to motivate them to carry the product and promote it to the target consumers.Push :To give pre-season discount to retailers is a tactic of push strategy because you are giving incentive to the retailer to keep more of your stock.Paying the retailers to keep your product in the front shelve is push strategy because you are buying the shelve space so that customer can see your product easily and might buy.Pull:a.       Advertisements on television are a tactic of pull strategy because you are inducing the consumer to buy the product.

b.      On ground activities are also pull tactic because you are generating trials from the consumers and hence buy your product.It is necessary for the marketing person to understand financial and accounting information because the marketing mix includes product, price, promotion and place decision and all these require budget or money so as to operate. Therefore the marketing person should know how much he can spend on which part of the marketing mix so as to devise the mix appropriately. Financial and accounting information will tell him that how much money does the company have, what are its targets for the year and so work accordingly.Manager Area Marketing:BA in Marketing, Business Advertising or Communications, related discipline or equivalent experience.

Minimum 5 years experience in retail marketing is preferred.Technical Marketing Manager USA:·         Collects, from business unit field teams, clients and sales representative, business and technical information regarding requirements and determines whether BMC solutions technically satisfy these requirements.·         Works with the business unit field teams, development, and the sales teams to resolve complex aspects within the sales cycles. Identifies potential enhancements to the BMC solution set based on customer feedback and personal experiences·          Develops new product strategy, definition, positioning, and packaging·         Design, build and maintain customized demonstrations of BMC solutions for prospective clients and sales training. Presents and delivers these demonstrations·         Participates in sales calls and is responsible for explaining the capabilities of BMC’s solution versus our competition.·          Responsible for training others in the value proposition of areas related to the ESM business unit·          Manage successful product launches and re-launches.·          Works with the business unit field teams to define sales and technical strategies in dealing with the client. Communicates his/her perception of the success of the strategy.

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must·         Candidate must be comfortable in creating documents from researched data in any form necessary to meet sales and customer requirements.·         Candidate must be able to create and present presentations in formal setting.·         Must have technical Skills in the operations of DB2 z/OSTo determine how well the applicants meet these qualifications, different kinds of screening processes are conducted with interview with different people to find out about the possession of these qualifications. For example there are certain tests to find out about the leadership qualities of the applicants.



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