?Presumed Innocent until proven Guilty Essay

More than 20 old ages ago, Troy Davis, an Afro-american adult male from Georgia, was convicted of hiting and killing a constabulary officer and was sentenced to decease.

Several old ages subsequently, seven out of nine eyewitnesses wholly revoked their narratives. There was a clear deficiency of grounds that had proven him of his artlessness, and hence he was linked to the offense out of pure premise. His legal squad argued that he was merely in the “wrong topographic point at the incorrect time” but Davis was finally executed based on the original jury finding of fact. Troy Davis maintained his artlessness until his decease by deadly injection in 2011.

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His last words to the household of the murdered officer were, “All I can inquire is that you look deep into this instance so you can truly happen the truth” .This adult male, Troy Davis, is one of 1000s of people worldwide that have been victims of this state of affairs, being presumed guilty until proved inexperienced person. He was non merely set into prison, being deprived of his autonomy and self-respect ; he was sentenced to decease, being deprived of his life! Recent instance surveies show that in the United States entirely more than 4 % of all strong beliefs are incorrect. From 1973-2004 there were 7482 people who were sentenced to decease and of those, 117 were guiltless.

Each twelvemonth, 10 000 guiltless people are wrongly convicted in the United States. Right at that place and so, guiltless work forces and adult females are left with no hereafters. This is why I believe that all work forces should be instead presumed guiltless until proven guilty, as condemning an guiltless individual to decease, is an even more guilt-bearing act in my sentiment.

If you look around you, you are surrounded by life. It is the most valuable thing on our planet Earth. You are a representation of life yourself.

Turning up and developing your life takes old ages, yet can be taken off from you in an instant because of something every bit stupid as false accusal? Who, so, is the existent felon? A adult male like Oscar Pistorius is a adult male contending for his life in high tribunal because he murdered his girlfriend Reeva. Although the grounds to why he pulled the trigger seem absurd, there is no clear, 100 % , factual grounds saying whether it was premeditated slaying or non. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, he murdered an guiltless immature miss


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